25 Random Facts About Me


I thought as a way to get to know me even better, I would tell you 25 random facts about myself. Hopefully these will be interesting or funny but I can’t promise anything! So don’t expect too much!

I’m going to jump straight in and start this!

  1. My favourite shape is a Triangle for a surprising number of reasons
  2. I have no tattoos and two piercings in each ear
  3. My favourite TV show is Dexter
  4. I always have to empty the computer’s recycling bin…even if it’s not my computer…I can’t focus if the bin has something in it!
  5. I love the movie Mystery Men – even though most people think it’s silly
  6. 6 is my favourite number (and my boyfriend’s most hated number)
  7. I joined Recorder club in primary school thinking I would learn about recording music/films… I didn’t realise it was an instrument
  8. I wanted to be a brain surgeon when I was little
  9. If I didn’t become a product designer I would have gone into Editing for films/TV
  10. I was recently diagnosed with Trichotillomania
  11. I have been with my boyfriend for over 5 years
  12. I live in East London
  13. I really want to visit Seattle, Las Vegas and Canada
  14. I really enjoy Baking and Cooking, especially for others
  15. I have naturally curly hair
  16. Despite being a “rock chick” I love a lot of cheesy awful pop music, including Britney Spears who I still love
  17. My favourite colours are Purple, Blue, Black and Green
  18. Most of my family are from Scotland
  19. I’m currently designing and making a pair of High Heels
  20. I’m 22 years old
  21. I pretty much have loyalty cards for every shop that offers them, I’m always out for a bargain and collecting points just in case at some point I get something back
  22. I literally shop in any shop, Primark to Topshop to Markets to Online to Boutiques. I never limit myself to only ever going to a few shops, as I find that ends up being boring and I like finding little gems people won’t expect them to be from
  23. I have a lot of problems with my shoulder, which in the past has ruined my day to day life, however I am pleased to say I cope a lot better now and it’s nowhere near a massive problem anymore
  24. I did an amazing work placement at The Light Corporation 
  25. And Finally, I’m really happy to be writing a blog again, and I really hope you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them
If there is any of the random facts you would like me to talk about in more depth drop me a comment and I’ll look into writing a special blog post on that fact/topic!

Come back tomorrow for another blog post! I’m trying to keep up with writing a post everyday, despite the stresses of my last month of University, I plan to sticking to this blog as it’s a nice little break from doing University work 24/7.

- Bambi -

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