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Maybe I’m a little old fashioned, that despite enjoying the British Music Experience at the very same time I wish there were a few things that were different.

The whole place is very over the top, including the entrance with a video preparing you for the experience, personally I wasn’t keen, however I can imagine it being great for school trips. Once your inside, it’s arranged by decades, with a few different things in the centre of the room. I liked the way it was set out, as it was easy enough to head straight to an era of music that you were more interested in, I personally started from the beginning and went the whole way round until the present day.


I forgot to mention, you are also issued with an interactive card, which you could collect information if so wished, I felt this was a great idea but honestly I didn’t use it much until the end when I walked around again collecting parts I enjoyed. Then again, some of the parts I found most interesting you couldn’t ‘collect’ so that was a little disappointing, especially the parts when some artists are talking about what inspired them, I would have loved to go home and watch it as standing up for a long time isn’t ideal. If there were a few stools dotted around it would have made it easier to be able to take a seat and listen there and then, maybe it was just me as I didn’t go until the afternoon so had been on my feet a little while already so maybe I would have felt differently if I had gone first thing in the morning.

Despite these little moans, looking around was pleasurable, and seeing all the different clothing and instruments by some of the artists I love was pretty awesome. I didn’t really use the interactive methods, instead I went round and read the little cards under each of the items once I realised the interactive element was reading the information on the cards anyway! I wish you could take photos inside, which sadly you can’t though I’m pretty sure there are people who do so anyway but I never take the risk if there’s a sign as I know I’ll always get caught! My advice don’t take the risk and just enjoy the exhibit!

The greatest part for me was the fact it was celebrating British Music, sometimes I forget how many great artists and bands have come from the UK and it’s great to see an exhibit celebrating this. It’s located in London at the O2 Arena, which I think is a perfect location, especially with so many big artists now performing at the O2 I couldn’t think of it being anywhere else.

Would I change anything about the exhibit? Well apart from adding in a few stools so people can sit and listen to certain parts, I wouldn’t change a thing, as it is advertised as an experience which it certainly was.
My favourite part? Probably the interactive map to learn different facts, find venues or see where artists were born, it was cool to find where I live and seeing if anything exciting has come from there. Which I'm sure most people will do while looking at the map.


Overall, if your a teacher and wanting to take a class on a school trip, I definitely recommend it, as I’m sure it would be a good day out especially and it’s something a little different. I also recommend it for anyone who has an interest in music, and I’m talking more than just a decade’s worth of music, as there just isn’t enough to look at in each era to justify going there just for the 00’s, for example.

If your thinking about going here is the link to their webpage so you can find all the information you need like entry prices and how to get there etc. Visit their webpage HERE.

What places in London would you like to see me review? Do you want to see more music related posts?

- Bambi -

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