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I had originally planned to wait a little bit before doing this post but as they are currently offering something special I thought I would write about them now, more on that special something later.
CM are in their own words, ‘Offering apparel that can take you from the gym to the street’ their material is certainly breathable and would be awesome in the gym or for working out. Especially the new material for their Summer collection as it’s light and very breathable, and I look forward to getting fit while wearing amazing clothes!
However, I never purchased anything from them with the intention of using it in the gym, as honestly I love some of their designs and I happily wear them out quite often. It always nice when strangers compliment you on your clothing, well I always get a few compliments pretty much every time I wear a piece from their collection as it’s like nothing else on the high street, and that’s simply because you can pretty only get your hands on it via Online.
I won’t bore you all with all the details about the company, but in short it’s run by one lady who cuts and sews all the garments herself and she also designs all the prints you find in her store, and all the designs are very unique so you won’t find something else like it.
I wanted to show you the few pieces I have, which I’m sure I’ll add soon once I have the money to!
I should also say, the fit is wonderful and I find they very comfortable and what’s even better is that they suck you in and smooth you out!

Black Reveal Leggings

Purple Field Tee
I personally like to tie the tee to the side, but if you didn’t do this you could wear it as a dress or a long top. I also like to tuck it into disco pants.

Pastel Fire Leggings

So, that special something I was talking about, well she is currently offering 50% off on a selection of items from her Autumn/Winter collection so you too can own a piece at a reduced price. The sale ends on the 30th April 2013 so don’t wait around and pick up your first CM piece today!
If you liked the Black Reveal Leggings, you’ll be happy to know that they are included in the sale so you’ll be able to get them for only £23.50 !

Do you want to see more posts talking about specific clothing brands?

- Bambi -

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