Designs of the Year 2013


I won’t delve too deeply into all of the designs there, personally I think you should all go and see it for yourselves at the Design Museum. It’s one of the few events I look forward to every year and this year I was lucky enough to attend the private viewing, although now it’s open to the public and I seriously urge you to go.

I wanted to share the two pieces I loved the most. Not necessarily the best the show had to offer but they were simply two of my favourites from the show.


Olympic Cauldron - Designed by Heatherwick Studio

Firstly, the wonderful Olympic Cauldron which the whole world got to see at the London 2012 Olympics. It is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen, and for that matter even the most amazing cauldron the Olympics has ever seen, the thought and story behind it makes it even perfect and it will be hard to beat.

Little Printer - Designed by Berg

The second piece that I absolutely fell in love with was this little gem, the Little Printer. It’s certainly something I would love to have on my desk and will have hopefully have on my desk in the near future. It’s essentially a little printer that can print a whole range of little things, from news to daily puzzles to checklists. I love how simple they have kept the design and the whole concept of it is quite brilliantly simple.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny snapshot into the Designs of the Year, as I said at the beginning, I could have reviewed the whole show, but honestly as it’s my favourite show of the year I think you should all visit and find your own favourite pieces. My favourite pieces may not be crowned the best of the best, but they stuck in my mind and therefore are some of the best in my books!
If you visit the show let me know what your favourite designs were!

- Bambi -

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