First Tablet Post


As the title suggests this is my first post done via my tablet, the Asus Goggle Nexus 7. As I'm not currently near my laptop and hadn't scheduled a post for today, as I wanted to see how easy it would be to essentially blog on the go. So far so good.
As I haven't got anything exciting in terms of pictures on my tablet it'll be rubbish to write some of the posts I've had planned so I thought I would keep this simple and instead write a list of the upcoming posts you can look forward to. It will also give you a chance to let me know anything you would like to see.
- Iron Man 3 Review
- Black Milk Collection + Review
- Oval Nails - My new false nails experience
- Some of my favourite films review (may turn that into a series)
- another random things in my room post
- CM custom piece show & tell
- Premiere Cinema Review
- My Tablet Review
So they are a few of the posts I have lined up, let me know if you me to write about anything particular!
This isn't a very exciting post but as I've never posted via my tablet before I wanted to keep it simple and easy for me!

- Bambi -

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