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I recently went to the London Film Museum, as I huge film fan I found it really interesting. They had a brilliant (and big) exhibit on Charlie Chaplin which was cool, I learnt quite a few things I never knew before, including that the Hollywood sign used to be Hollywoodland, the land part being removed in 1945.
I visited the South Bank museum, I had planned to visit the Covent Garden one too, except it was closed, which was rather disappointing as I believe they focus on early film and photography and that particular one is free entry.

The South Bank one was great, however I would have liked if there was even more to look at, I felt some of the spaces were a little lacking and could have done with something more. I also found that most people skipped over a lot of the exhibits, and their interest seemed to only peak at the star wars part. Personally I loved every aspect, reading about all the different studios and times, looking at different props from different genres, the costumes, and watching the various videos dotted around the museum.

I definitely think the museum is more suited to those that have an interest in film, as there isn't enough big Hollywood blockbusters to appeal to the typical person. Then again, it could create a new interest for you, so either way it’s worth checking out if your in the area.

Below are just a few odd pictures I snapped while I was there.






Natural Born Killers happens to be one of my all time favourite films, and I was actually a little surprised there would be anything there from that film. If you have seen it, watch it.

Who would like to see more film related posts?

- Bambi -

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