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Another little review for you all, this time it’s beauty related.
The Fruit Pastel collection by ModelsOwn is something I really looked forward to trying out once I knew it had been released. I picked up 3 of the 5 in the collection, chosen more for the colour rather than the smell as I honestly, I wasn’t convinced they would smell.
I should probably explain, this collection is pastel colours with the nail varnish itself once dry releases a fruity scent. Great idea, it took me back to my school days with the smelly gel pens which I was so obsessed with.
They are also very reasonably priced, they are £5 a bottle, which to some people may be expensive, however all of ModelsOwn polishes are around this, and considering these particular ones smell, I expected to pay a higher price. I was pleasantly surprised.
Models Own – Apple Pie – Grape Juice – Blueberry Muffin
The colours themselves are great, and typical to the models own quality of polish. The smells were also great, granted they don’t smell for days, more like a few hours, but did you really expect it to last for ages?
I bought them knowing the smell probably wouldn’t last very long, just like the old gel pens, however after hearing several people complain that it only lasted a few hours, I was pleasantly surprised when the Grape Juice was still releasing (granted very faintly now) it’s scent in the morning, so I make that at least 12hours from when I had painted my nails.
The only thing I have yet to try is putting a top coat on, as I assume you would lose the smell if you did that, and I personally haven’t needed a top coat anyway as it’s lasted quite well.

In conclusion, should you buy this? Honestly, that is entirely up to you, all I can say is give it a try, maybe even during boots 3 for 2 and get it as your free item, that’s what I did when I purchased these free, so I got one for free.
If you do end up purchasing them I would love to hear your opinions, and if you have any other nail related products you think I should try, nails are my favourite beauty item and I probably spend a little too much money on it!

- Bambi -

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