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I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone blog about a cinema but I guess I’ll be the first.
I went to see Iron Man 3 last night (film review coming soon) at a new cinema in Romford, Essex, it’s called Premiere Cinema, and it’s cheap and I’m talking very cheap. At only £4 a ticket, any film, any age and day or time, it’s certainly the cheapest cinema I’ve been to and it’s located where the old Odeon used to be in Romford, which is somewhere I frequented a lot as a child. It was great just to go back as it reminded me of being a kid going to the cinema most weekends with my dad and brother, we used to vote on what film to see, fair to say if there was an action film of any sort that would always win!

Like I said, £4 for any ticket even the 3D films are the same price the only thing you need to buy is the 3D glasses unless you have your own. I expected the food and drink to make up for the low ticket prices, however I found it to also be great value spending around £10 and getting Nachos, Popcorn, Tango Ice Blast, large Pepsi and a tub of sweets which would have easily cost a lot more at the Vue cinema, which is the other cinema in Romford. All in all, about £18 was spent, which is a bargain compared to the Vue which usually can cost £30 upwards, even with Orange Wednesdays the Vue still costs upwards of £20, as I always like to indulge and get snacks to enjoy during the film, well the trailers and the first 15 minutes.

That reminds me, Orange Wednesdays, you wouldn’t expect a super cheap cinema to offer such a deal right? Wrong, during the adverts it was revealed to me that they do now in fact offer Orange Wednesdays, which I can honestly say made me gasp, I really never expected them to offer it, meaning two people could go for only £2 each which is crazy! I really recommend this cinema to anyone in the Romford area as for this price you could go a lot more often and not break the bank by doing so.

After doing a little research I’ve found this to be the first Premiere Cinema with the owner hoping to expand to other destinations, so fingers crossed you’ll get one near you one day soon.
To see their website click HERE

There isn’t much to complain about with this cinema, the only negative I can think of would be the seats, as with like old cinemas they are quite low so if the screen was packed out I’m not sure how clearly you would be able to see the screen. Then again I can only comment on the one screen I was in as for all I know the seats could be different elsewhere and honestly I rather like the fact it feels like an old cinema as it adds a certain something to the whole experience which I personally like. Other than that I spotted no problems with the cinema at all, there was even a little arcade section.

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- Bambi -

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