Ragdoll Mafia – Gig and Artwork


Thought I would share another small bit of artwork I've created for Ragdoll Mafia, this time for one of their upcoming gigs. I’m really looking forward to this gig especially as it’ll be two days after my final hand-in at university, so it’ll be a great way for me to relax and celebrate.

Camden Rock3REDblacknwhite
The banner for their Facebook Event

It’s pretty simple as like the rest of their artwork pieces, however they wanted a little ‘stamp’ like element which could change for all of their gigs, this time their even is titled ‘just business’ and I added in a tommy gun underneath. This element will change for every gig to match their event name and with different icons or weapons, the colour will also change to keep the design looking fresh.
The picture on either side of the text will also change for every upcoming gig, where the future pictures will be from previous gigs, this will keep all their event pages different and interesting. The text in the centre is quite simple, their logo and a few of the details underneath, it gives enough information to the audience to quickly decide whether they can attend or not, and whether they will read the longer event information in the description further down the page.
You can view the event page HERE

If you like classic rock, rock n roll or just great music you are all of course welcome to come down! I’ll be wearing my custom made Ragdoll Mafia leggings which I will do a post about as soon as they arrive.
You can check out their Facebook page HERE and go give their music a quick listen, you won’t regret it!

- Bambi -

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