Ragdoll Mafia


Thought I would share some of the graphics work I do outside of University.
It’s for a band called 'Ragdoll Mafia’, you can find their Facebook page HERE 
(Go hit their LIKE button on their page too please! & listen to their songs!)

Video Logo

Their logo which I personally designed

I was really happy with how this logo came out, as it’s very clean and simple and fits in with their style perfectly.

Instagram Share

I also created a Share image that they could post, this particular one was to be posted via Instagram

I decided to create ‘share’ images, as I thought it would be an easy way for people to find the other pages that Ragdoll Mafia are on, so they could follow them there too. I kept the design simple just like the logo, and the icons are clear as to what social networking site they are for.

2013-03-29 10.08.56

I even had a personal iPhone case made for myself with their logo and my name at the bottom

I loved the idea of having not only their logo on my phone case, but my own graphics work appearing on my phone case, win win situation really! Means I can show off my graphics and promote their music too. I really do love their music, and I love helping them to try and become bigger as I think they are good enough to be BIG.

This won’t be the last of Ragdoll Mafia related posts, as I do a lot of work for/with them. I should say, not just because my boyfriend is in the band, but rather because I’m obsessed with their music. I can honestly say, I’ve seen a LOT of unsigned bands through the years and I literally cannot lie about whether I like their music or not…which has got me in a few awkward situations… I will only promote music I believe in, and I am always on the look out for new bands so throw them at me!

If you would like any graphics work please get in touch!

- Bambi -

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