Random Things in my Room – Part One


I thought this might be a little bit of fun, each part will have 10 items randomly picked from my room, some might have a story some may just be so random that I’m not even sure why they are in my room. It’s just a bit of fun and I personally always like seeing odd bits and bobs people keep in the room for inspiration or ideas of stuff I want.

1.  Kahlua & Vodka Bottles - My favourite alcoholic drink is a White Russian, hence these two bottles Winking smile
2. Weird Empty Decoration Bottles – I bought them all for under £3 and I just love how random they are, and I like odd decorations around my room so they sit proudly on my chest of drawers
3. My favourite Clutch Bag – It’s from a shop called Select and it’s actually really great quality despite only costing me just under £8 as they do student discount in there which is always a bonus! It’s the only clutch I own and actually use, as it’s a perfect size and the wrist strap makes it even better to carry about. Had it a couple of months now and already had plenty of use out of it.
It’s still for sale so click HERE to go to the item’s page if you wish to get your hands on one!
4. Lily Flame Candle - Dolly Rocker – I absolutely love the smell of this candle, and it fills my room with it’s gorgeous scent, it’s one of the few brands of candles that I swear by as they really are great quality. Plus the name of this particular one ‘Dolly Rocker’ is pretty sweet too.
You can buy this one or view their whole range HERE
5. One Direction Concert Ticket – I recently took my cousin to see her favourite band One Direction, she asked me to take her and I was kind enough to say yes, I think that makes me the best cousin in the world yes? Honestly, the worst part was all the screaming girls rather than the band themselves. There was a girl sitting in front of me who I thought was going to have a heart attack, seriously, every time the words One Direction appeared on the screen she started shaking…and this was before the band had even come out. I was concerned for her life aha.
6. An actual Piggy Bank – My Grandad gave me this when I was a kid and I’ve kept it ever since, I used to put all my money in there, though now it only gets my loose change, but I still love it as much as I did the day I got it.
7. My Lighter Collection – I collect lighters, yes I really do, empty ones, very average nothing special lighters. I stick them all around my door frame to create a lovely colourful border, plus it gives them a use after most people throw them away, I feel like I’m helping the environment in a VERY small way.
8. Yankee Candles – I small portion of all the Yankee Candles dotted around my room, Yankee Candles are my favourite brand of candles, even the small ones like those pictures can make my room smell wonderful. I have a few of the larger jars too which are also great, I love the little tarts, however I managed to drop and smash my wax burner so I really need to go buy a new one at some point, as they are my favourite type of Yankee product.
9. Smiley Glow Light – My brother picked this up in Amsterdam a while ago, I have to say it’s one of my favourite little lights, as once you turn it on it changes colours, from reds to blues to greens it just makes me happy, simple really. Everyone should have a little happy smiley light in their lives.
10. Jack Daniel’s Fridge Magnet – I rather like a Jack and Coke once in a while, I’m actually signed up to their mailing list, meaning once in a while I get sent a little thing from them, one of those items was this magnet. If I had my own fridge it probably wouldn’t be in my room, but until I move it will just have to live in my room.

And that my dear friends concludes the first episode of random things in my room,  I hope you enjoyed reading this, I actually really enjoyed finding random things to include and write about. I’m looking forward to writing my next part to this as I’ve realised I have a lot of odd/cool things in my room and I look forward to sharing them with you!
Would you like to see more posts like these?

- Bambi -

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