UK Sharkies Meet Captain Cam


Obviously this is WELL over due, but I’ve only had this blog a very short while and this was quite a while before I set this up, however I wanted to share some pictures and my experience. I’ll keep this super short as it was a while ago so I don’t want to bore you all!


Check me out in the DLR window aha, I wore my Black Milk Blood Splatters, as well they were one of my dream pieces before I got my hands on them. Can you tell I’m a big Dexter fan?
I was very nervous about attending my very first meet, as I don’t do well in large crowds of people, I ended up meeting up with a few Sharkies before the official meet, which helped calmed my nerves a lot. I felt a lot more comfortable and a little more confident, if I hadn’t of done that I would have definitely ended up not going at all. Thankfully, I did gather my nerves and attend, and I felt silly for ever being so scared!


I met some wonderful people and it was a great evening, everyone was so nice, and having that many stylish women in one bar certainly turned some heads! The best thing about it was how diverse everyone was, you quickly realise how Black Milk attracts a range of different styles, and everyone looked amazing.

I would recommend anyone going outside of their comfort zone, as it pays off, I’m usually quite a bit of a hermit and quite often prefer being at home rather than outside around lots of people. I have quite a lot of anxiety so I get nervous and anxious in those situations. I find it extremely hard meeting new people and most of the time I’ll avoid it if I can as it makes me terrified inside.

Despite my feelings I took a plunge and attended the meet and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, which has made me realised I can handle those types of situations, even if I’m still scared at the thought of them. My advice to anyone with high anxiety like me, is to just try to step out of your comfort zone, it really won’t be as bad as you think.

Do you want to see my Black Milk Collection?

- Bambi -

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