Barry M Nail Art Pens - Review


I believe I first mentioned these in a haul a little while ago, where I had only bought the Black and White versions, since using those two I had to go back and purchase the other two they offer. In short, I love these, I really do, they are a lot nicer and easier to work with than the standard nail art pens, which require you to squeeze (in fact I may do a little review on the brand I use for those types). These don’t require any of that hassle and once you press enough times the paint travels down and then you can use just like a normal pen.

I really hope they become a permanent feature in the Barry M range, as I really like Barry M products in general and I think this is one of their best. I would really like to see more colours, as although the White and Black are very usable in a lot of designs, the pink and silver are more limited so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed to see more colours that I can use to create some amazing designs.

I created a few random designs so you could have a look at the different possibilities, I find the Pink and Blacks fill in a block area better than the White and Silver however, all four are great and line work. If you are quite new to all things nail art I would seriously recommend these as they are just like using a marker pen, so it' doesn’t take long to get used to using them.

I’m always on the look out for new nail art products, especially when brands copy the higher end brands as although I do spend way too much money on nail related products I do prefer not buying the most expensive as it means I can get more for my money if I go cheaper. I’ve tried almost every brand, however Barry M have remained as one of my firm favourites so whenever they bring out a new product you can guarantee I’m going to give it a try. In fact, one of my other favourites, is their magnetic range, which I’ve personally found better than the Nails Inc range which at a higher price I did expect greater things from. Just remember there is always a cheaper alternative somewhere, you may have to wait a little longer but sometimes the quality is higher.

Which brings me nicely back to the nail art pens, at £4.99 they are cheaper than brands that have similar products such as Models Own, who’s own nail art pens cost £6 each. The Models Own nail art pens, although I find ok, not the worst I’ve ever used, but the amount of paint you get isn’t a lot and my black one didn’t last very long, they are also the pressure bottle style pens which aren’t as easy to use as the Barry M pens are. I'm not sure how long these will last but I will certainly update you all if they run out anytime soon!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Barry M pens if you too have tried them! I would also love to hear any nail art pens or trends you think I should know about or try out.

- Bambi -

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