Creepers – Fake vs Real


For today’s post, I thought I would do a little comparison to help anyone who is deciding about whether to purchase creepers. I have both a fake pair and the real deal, and after having both for a few months I thought I could give an honest opinion and my personal preference.

The Fakes

These were the first pair I bought, as I was unsure whether creepers would suit me or if I would even wear them at all, so I decided to buy some fakes to test the waters before dropping the money for the real thing. These were £24.99, however as New Look offer student discount they were a little less than that. Overall, I was pretty happy with them, the only issue I really have with them is the back of the heel goes quite soft and damages quite easily. However, for the price that is a small complaint as they are pretty good value for money, especially if like me you are still debating the whole ‘creepers trend’ and don’t want to jump straight in buying an expensive pair of shoes. The only other small issues is the laces don’t hold up as well as the real ones, but this could easily be fixed if you buy new laces! The piping around the edges is also not as nice however again for the price you cannot really complain too much about this, as it is still done well, just not perfect.
Buy the New Look ones HERE

The Real Deal

I luckily managed to grab these on sale in Urban Outfitters, and even more luckily I have a friend who worked there at the time so I ended up only paying around £37 instead of £90, so a total unexpected bargain! They are pretty scuffed up now, so I should really give them a good clean (not the best idea wearing them into a dusty messy workshop!), however they definitely already feel a lot sturdier and stronger than the fakes which is good news as I’m pretty clumsy.

The first thing you will notice between fakes and these will be the weight, the real ones are heavier, which I actually prefer however I know some people would prefer a lighter shoe. They are pretty identical to the fakes, however the main differences are that everything is done considerably better, and for me that is always good news as there is nothing I hate more than buying the real versions of items and finding them not as good. Luckily, these were a lot better than the fakes, but I have to say I was happy I bought the fakes first as it meant I could try out the style before spending the money on these, even if I ended up getting these for cheap, I would have happily spent £90 for them.

They don’t have them on the UO site, however they do have them on Office (and they offer student discount). Buy them HERE

So, if you are still torn, my suggestion would be to find some fakes, try them out and get used to the style as you’ll either love them or hate them, and it’s always better spending a little money to find that out than a lot! I always love a bargain too so getting fakes would mean you could wait for the real ones to pop up in a sale and there is always some great sales going on out there!

Would you like to see more Fake vs Real posts? Let me know if you buy any form of creepers, I’d love to know your thoughts!

- Bambi -

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