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I shall try to make sure a future post will have a lot of these items being worn so you can see what they look like on, didn’t have time to take pictures so these pictures will have to do for now. I won’t be buying much for a little while, apart from some University bits or holiday stuff so I don’t think there will be too many hauls in the near future! I’ve separated everything into where it was bought from for your convenience and to make it easier to read, well that is the aim anyway!

East End Thrift Store

Me and a friend headed down to the East End Thrift Store to pick up a few goodies, we also got there early enough to get a free £10 fill a bag voucher each. We ended up combining our two vouchers into one £20 fill a bag as it was easier that way! I ended up getting three items for absolutely nothing, which was amazing. I also picked up a T-Shirt for my boyfriend at £10, which I will need to steal back from him to take a picture of it to share as it’s one of the best items I’ve ever found in a thrift shop!

IMG_3203  IMG_3204  IMG_3206

I bought two denim shirts, both pretty oversized but I intend to wear them mainly as throw overs as summer over here in London can still get cold at times, so they will come in handy. I initially said to my friend it would be cool to find anything biker related and amazingly enough he spotted the Harley Davidson shirt, which I instantly stuffed in the bag as it was too cool to leave behind. The burgundy shirt was a last minute addition, I just really liked the colour, other than that there is nothing special about that shirt at all.


The best buy for me was this beautiful coat, I love it! It’s pretty big on me but looked great teamed with my baggy tops and leggings. It’ll be perfect in the winter time too seeing as it’s from Canada, I know it’ll keep me warm during the snow and cold weather we never seem to get rid of. I love the red and black checked design and it fits very nicely into my I love grunge music vibe, my friends have taken to shouting ‘oi Kurt Cobain’ at me…can’t say I’m too pleased seeing as he’s my least favourite in the grunge genre, but that’s a different story.

So, all of those three pieces were completely FREE, it was amazing, as the jacket alone I would have happily paid £30 for, so it was an amazing bargain.

Check out their Facebook site HERE, so you can plan your visit there soon.

Lovely Sally

IMG_3208  IMG_3209

This arrived this morning, and I have to say I am feeling a little mixed about it. I took it out of the bag and was immediately a little disappointed that I didn’t love it, so I thought it’d be best to try it on, it definitely looks a lot nicer on. The only thing is that it’s pretty damn short, maybe too short, I haven’t quite made my mind up about that yet. All I know is I’ll need to try it on again with tights and a complete outfit and see how I feel as otherwise it’ll be getting returned. Other than the ‘too short’ issue I do really like it, I love the design and it fits really nicely so I do really hope I feel a bit better about it when I try it on with some tights!
You can find this dress on their site HERE, it’s about £41 + p&p and as it’s an Italian company there is no customs to worry about (assuming you too are in Europe)

Thieves of Thunder

IMG_3216  IMG_3060

This has to be one of my favourite purchases recently, I have not stopped wearing it! It’s a perfect length to team with my leggings, and the design itself is just amazing. It’s good quality and at only £14.99 it’s certainly worth the money, and I am already stalking their site to decide what I want next! All of their tees are unisex so perfect for guys and girls, and they also have beanies, phone cases, socks and jumpers

Check out their site HERE.


IMG_3052  IMG_3211

It’s quite hard to take pictures of these that do them justice. They are matte black at the front, sheer on the side and green on the back, so business in the front and party in the back aha. I won these in a raffle run by the amazing Luffers, I got to dream up a pair of leggings I want and these were what I came up with. I know they won’t be to a lot of people’s tastes, but I absolutely love them. They fit perfectly and are so comfortable and in general just amazing. I’ll wait to do a Luffers blog post until I’ve bought one or two pieces as then it’ll make for a more interesting read, however I shall briefly say this, this is all done by one amazing lady who will pretty much make anything your little heart desires, she’s even doing custom printed pieces now!

The only way to order (at the moment) is through her Facebook group which can be found HERE.


IMG_3215  IMG_3214  photo

I did pick up a few other bits, but they are just boring black crop tops and t-shirts so I thought I would leave them out, plus they are in the wash now anyway! First up is two little quiz games, I was with my boyfriend and we do love a bit of a quiz once in a while so we just bought them for a bit of fun. Second up, is yet another pair of those bunny slippers, yes I am a little obsessed but they are super comfy and cute so I had to get another pair, I would be sad to miss out! Last up is this beautiful nail varnish, in the colour Vertigo, it’s a lovely seaside/mermaid colour and looks stunning on my nails and i’m pretty sure their nail varnishes are only £2.50 so I may have to go back and pick up a load more different colours.


My favourite buy from Primark was this bag, it’s a reasonable size and I’ll be using it as my hand luggage/only luggage bag for my holiday in August. I won’t be taking a lot on holiday, mainly leggings and a few tank tops so they hardly take up any room and I’m only going for 5 nights so it would be silly to pack a massive suitcase! I’ll do a post nearer to the time all about what I’m packing so if you too are going on a short holiday and don’t want to pack a huge amount it might help you to pack wisely! If I remember correctly this bag was only £8, it also has a shoulder strap which will be perfect for travelling, it also has an inside zipped pocket to keep those super important things inside!

I am pretty sure there are other things I have bought recently but I can’t remember what they are so oh well!

- Bambi -

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