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I promised a review, so here it is. I would like to say that I’ve avoided any reviews of the film and the only thing I knew about it before going it was that I needed to wait until the very end. I wanted to give my own honest opinion of the film and not be tainted by any reviews as I have no idea if it’s received good or bad reviews so I can just give you my thoughts of the film.

I wanted to start off by talking very briefly about the previous two Iron Man films, both of which I enjoyed. I absolutely loved the first film, and I thought the second one was ok but no where near as good as the first. So, where would Iron Man 3 leave my thoughts, was it going to be another ‘I wish they hadn’t made any sequels, they just get worse’ or was it going to be ‘this is the best film ever!’

In my opinion it’s a lot better than the second film, I found the storyline more interesting and it didn’t leave me feeling ‘oh that fight didn’t last long’ which is how the second film left me. The storyline gradually built up over the course of the film with twists along the way, the biggest twist was certainly something I did not expect, I don’t want to give away any spoilers, all I'll say is that it was a funny twist. That brings me neatly onto one of the best parts of the film, the script, specifically the humour that is spread through the film, this is one of the things I enjoy most about the Iron Man films and it was good that they hadn’t lost any humour, even when what could be described as difficult topics such as anxiety in the mix. Although I have to say that the anxiety/panic attacks was probably my least liked part in the script, but saying that it does add to the storyline and isn’t a pointless side story which leaves me wondering why they ever had it, it does have a reason in being there, I just think the film would have been equally as good without.

Now, the most important part of the film, the action! It was action packed and it was great that the final big fight was actually a big fight, as the second film’s final fight was a bit of a let down for me. It felt more like a battle, and despite parts being predictable I still enjoyed it, by the end it didn’t really matter if I knew what was going to happen as I had enjoyed the ride.

I should also mention I watched the film in 2D simply because I’m not a fan of 3D and I find many films are simply adding in parts just so they can bring it out on 3D too, certain parts were obviously shot with 3D in mind, but it wasn’t a huge amount so I can’t imagine it being a huge 3D spectacle like 3D specific films would be.

All in all it’s important to remember this isn’t a film that’s trying to win the top film awards, it’s an enjoyable film, made for the public. It has action, a superhero and comedy, so as far as I’m concerned that makes an enjoyable film, I could sit here and compare it to classic brilliant films but at the end of the day that isn’t fair. This is a film for enjoyment, if you’re looking for something brilliant in a certain area such as directing or cinematography this isn’t the film, but I should point out, it’s not trying to be those things.

Overall, I would give the film a 7/10

If you haven’t yet seen the trailer for this film here it is below:

I also wanted to share this trailer for Iron Man 3 as it’s brilliant, it’s a homemade version of the original trailer and I have to say they’ve done a great job

- Bambi -

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