MCM London, Dumb Ways to Die & Coming Soon


So, this post is going to be a few random bits, as I’ve got a few posts lined up that I just need to write and they shall be with you super soon.

MCM London

I haven’t been to a comic fare in years, so I was really looking forward to getting my geek on and enjoying the weekend. Sadly, my friends and I are pretty useless so never quite made it inside, however just being in and around the excel centre was more than enough fun. I met some cool new people, had a laugh and had quite a few drinks, overall it was a fun weekend. Best way to celebrate after a tough few weeks of university.


The above picture is my favourite outfit from the weekend, featuring my Big Blood Splatter Leggings (Black Milk Clothing), my DIY thigh garters and a t-shirt to be seen in an upcoming haul post. I am loving my thigh garters and they will certainly appear on my legs much more often.
I’m already looking forward to October MCM and need to start planning my cosplay which will be something pretty cool, I’ll make sure I keep you all updated with that! It feels good to be getting back into the comic book world after having been out of it for so long, definitely need to save up and blow a ton of money in October.


This is honestly the best cosplay I saw all weekend, and it is also the only one I bothered to take a picture of! I also promise to take a whole lot more pictures in October. If you hadn’t already guessed the best cosplay I was referring do is Dr Octopus not the Spiderman standing next to him. Seriously this Dr Octopus costume is amazing, and the picture doesn’t do it justice, I really do hope there is a lot more awesome costumes like these in October. As I absolutely hate half arsed cosplay, I just wonder why they even bothered trying, when your pitched against some brilliant zombie costumes and your version is a white tee with a few bits of blood splashed everywhere, well, I’m not impressed. Sort it out please.

Dumb Ways to Die – iPhone Game


Ok honestly, I love their original video so as soon as I found this I fell in love. I knew I had to share this as if you haven’t seen the video yet go download the game, play it and unlock the video! Or you know, you could just click HERE, but that is cheating. It’s brilliant and I’m already addicted but that might be because I love the video so I don’t think I was ever not going to get addicted. Did I mention it’s FREE ? Well it is, so if you wasn’t convinced before you should be now.

Coming Soon

So what do you have to look forward to? Here are a few that I am currently planning.
  • Haul – Few bits I’ve bought over this month
  • Giveaway?!?!?!??? – I need your suggestions for this one!
  • Black Milk Collection
  • Graze Box Update/Review
  • Graduating University – What next?
  • Jeffrey Campbell – Spiked Lita’s Review
  • What’s on my iPhone?
I would love to here some of the posts you would love to see and read, so drop your suggestions in the comments!

- Bambi -

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