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So, as you know I haven’t been/won’t be posting a lot until my final hand-in (on the 20th so super soon! EEP!), but as I got all my work I planned to do tonight I could write this with no guilty conscious. Plus, I was too excited and wanted to share this with you!

I was lucky enough to get picked to go along to a customer preview of New Look’s Autumn/Winter Collection, essentially it means I get to go along and see some of the clothes they’ve picked out for their upcoming collection. Well, it’s not 100% so some of the items I saw may not make it to store, but fingers crossed it’s nothing I fell in love with! I didn’t take too many pictures as I was too busy walking around looking at all the clothes, but I took a few sneaky peaks for you to have a look at. I’d love to know what your thoughts are if you spot anything interesting in the pictures.


So, my favourite trend section was definitely their grunge section, even if a few bits were SO far from grunge there was plenty of clothes I would have bought. You might notice the parka, no I wouldn’t buy it and it’s certainly not grunge. However, there were plenty of plaid shirts, all of which I will have to buy as I love paid shirts, they are so easy to style and one of my favourite wardrobe staples.

IMG_3025   IMG_3018   IMG_3017

There were also plenty of accessories to have a look through, I didn’t find too many items I wanted, but there were a few basics I would love to pick up once they arrive in stores. One pair of heels in particular I now need, despite when first spotting them I was completely unsure about them, but I kept going back to take a look and well I finally fell in love with them. I was also pretty happy with the range of jewellery, plenty of spikes and chunky chains, both of which I love. Of course they had a lot of other kinds, but those are the styles that stuck out to me.

IMG_3026   IMG_3021   IMG_3027

I’ve also found my desperately needed new leather jacket I want, so once it’s in stores I think I’ll have to give it a try on and buy it. Surprisingly, there were a few bits I really liked even though they weren’t my style, I mean I don’t like them enough to buy that’s because I would have to buy a new wardrobe to be able to wear anything with them! I’m also now convinced I need some dungarees after seeing New Look’s black denim ones, definitely need to give them a try on asap.
Now, my two favourite items from the preview are both coats, they are pretty much the same apart from a few bits, only one of them will I definitely purchase as one of them have an added detail which honestly ruins it for me. So, I’ll begin with that one:

Sorry for the awful picture! Now, I really love this coat, minus one particular detail. Can you guess what? It’s the fleece collar, if it was leather like the rest of the lapels I would have bought this without even giving it a try on. I love the style, colour, material simply everything minus the collar. Which is a shame as it' seems like a really nice quality product.
My favourite item from the preview has to be this:

There is so many things I love about this.
1. The deep red speckled black colour – it’s beautiful
2. I love leather – I love the leather collar (why oh why couldn’t the black version be the same!)
3. The whole biker vibe – anyone who knows me will know I love this style
4. The pockets are real pockets – nothing I hate more than pretend pockets!
5. It feels divine – honestly I love the feel of this!
6… just take my money now?!

The other pretty exciting part about the preview was the fact we got to scan all the items we loved, so hopefully once they compile it there will be clear front runners, and hopefully all the items I scanned make it to stores as I want it all!
Now, the best bit, a goodie bag! I love a good freebie, especially from brands I like. I didn’t expect much, honestly I thought it would be a few bits and bobs they failed to get rid of in the sales. But I was pleasantly surprised!


So inside the goodie bag I got:
- Clutch Bag
- Rose Mirror
- Bracelets (I got one but my friend gave me hers too)
- Beanie Hat (SUPER handy as it was raining + I need a new hat)
- Closer Magazine
- New Look Tote bag holding it all
and probably the most generous and most unexpected gift was the £10 New Look voucher! I have to say I was pretty excited with all those gifts. Mainly because I really rate New Look as a clothing store, good value for money and there is patches of time where I absolutely want everything in store, not always but sometimes!

I’ve already decided what I’m probably going to put the money towards, I spotted it today in one of their stores and I fell in love. I would show you but sadly I can’t find it on their site! Of course I will show you once I have my hands on it, as it’s super cute (which I’ll of course toughen up with my creepers and leather jackets and jewellery)

Hope this post wasn’t too long and all over the place. I was a little over excited !
Would you like to see more posts like this? What posts would you like to see?

Next up will be a Graze box review I reckon! But don’t hold me to that!

Sadly it’s now time to get back to work!

- Bambi -

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  1. I love New Look!! Nice collection. xx

    1. yeh I'm really looking forward to seeing it all once it's in stores! x


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