Oval False Nails - My Experience


I’ve jumped on the oval nails trend, partly because I’ve always liked the shape but always put myself off as I didn’t think the style would suit my thumb, and the other reason is because I have Trichotillomania and I’m using it as part of my therapy.
* if you would like to know more about Trichotillomania let me know *
I’m a huge nail art fan, which I guess is third reason for finally taking the plunge into having oval false nails, I’ve only had them for almost a week so thought I would talk about my initial experience and update you in the future about how I'm finding the whole experience.


I started off with some square false nails which a friend left at my house forever ago, I finally found a use for them. I cut each of them into a point then filed the point into a curve so I was left with my desired oval shape. I then painted different designs onto each and left to dry, I used the Barry M nail art pens which I will review very soon.


Once dry I glued them on, I found it pretty easy and didn’t have many problems with the gluing process. Once glued the whole set lasted a few days before a couple dropped off, which was longer than a previous experience I've had with false nails. I simply glued them back on and I’ve found that the two that have since dropped off last night, is because I've caught it awkwardly and it’s been pulled off. I don’t find this much of a problem as I can just glue them straight back on. I may at some point look into going to a salon to getting something a little more robust, however for now it’s great, as I can create my own designs and change them whenever I want. Especially as mismatched nails are quite popular at the moment, if I do lose one I can simply change up the design and glue a different one on without it looking weird!
I would have tried growing my nails naturally to obtain this shape, but as someone who is pretty clumsy I tend to break them as my nails aren’t the strongest thing in the world so I decided to opt for false nails, as it also gave me the quick result I needed.
I love the fact my nails are now longer and I think they are the right length for me, as any longer I don’t think they would be very useable, though I’m sure I’d get used to it, I rather them at this length as I’m currently making shoes it’s just easier with them not at a crazy long length!


These are the new false nails I’ve bought which I will change to as it’ll be easier than cutting and filing square nails all the time! They were £6.49 which I thought was a good price, however if I had found these in Superdrug I would purchase a few packs to stock up with using my student discount. I do think if you are looking into getting false nails an oval shape would be good as it has a lady like vibe and can make your fingers look longer. I love that my nails are of vintage style shape but with my nail art it brings it to a more modern look, I think this will be a shape I will always use, as I don’t like square nails very much.

Do you have any recommendations on false nails, as I would love to hear them!

- Bambi -

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