Hectic Life + Ragdoll Mafia


First of all, I want to apologise for being beyond rubbish and not posting anything for over 20 days. I honestly feel terrible but I promise I am back! I won’t go fully into why I haven’t been posting, but it’s life in general being hectic, with university work being crazy until the 14th and then followed by a load of other stuff since I haven’t had the chance to write at all. Luckily for you I have plenty of ideas bubbling around in my head to write for you all so I’m really excited to get back into writing everyday!

Today’s post won’t be a long one but I wanted to share some more Ragdoll Mafia work I’ve been doing (also a reason I’ve been busy but that will be a later post you’ll have to look forward to). One thing I can share today is a new banner for there upcoming gig, I threw it together really quickly but it does the job!


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and I’m really looking forward to this gig! If you happen to be in London on the 20th you should come down, you’ll even be able to grab yourself a free copy of their new EP, which I designed too by the way. Click HERE to check out the event.

There is a lot of stuff coming soon with them, all of which is pretty exciting, especially as I’m getting to teach myself new things, such as building a website from scratch for them. I’m looking forward to sharing all this with you as I love their music, I love working with them and I love doing all this design work for them!

- Bambi -

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