Random Things in my Room – Part Three


Here is the third instalment of random things found in my room, I’ll just jump straight into it.

1. Morph Figure – Morph has to be one of my favourite characters, ever. I loved watching the show with Morph in as a kid and it still makes me happy if I ever watch it or see this little figure.


2. ‘Rebel without a clue’ Sign – I love this, I have it hanging on my wardrobe door, I just think it looks cool and I love having random decorations dotted about my room.


3. Cuddly Toys – I’m a girl who is also a big kid, of course I have cuddly toys in my room! A few build-a-bear’s, minnie mouse and a bunny rabbit. There are a few more than these, but they are mainly in boxes or not in my room at all.


4. The Christopher Robin Verse Book – Book from my childhood, I loved this book, despite the fact it’s all battered up and I’ve drawn pictures on most of the pages it just makes me happy to look at. It brings back memories of being a kid and reading my favourite books.


5. Sudocrem – This is one of my all time favourite skin care remedies, I have tons of the stuff, including these handy small tubs and tubes, alongside a bigger tub to keep at home. I find it can clear up anything on my skin, and it will often clear up any blemishes up over night. I really have no idea how I would live without this stuff!


6. Heart Mug & Saucer – I bought this when it was in a post Valentine’s day sale in Evolution, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day but I just loved this set and it’s always good to have a cup for hot chocolate on a cold night in.


7. Vanish – Now, I have no idea why this is in my room, but I love vanish and it’s always handy to have a tub of this in case any stubborn stains need removing.


8. ‘Lets talk about sex.’ Cut-outs – I think I cut these out from something years ago, and they have been stuck on my door ever since. I love having random stuff stuck around my room as I find it makes the walls more interesting, I’m not one for being boring.


9. Some of my Nail Varnish – I am obsessed with nail varnish, and this is some of them. I need a more efficient way to store all my polishes as it’s becoming a nightmare finding anything now!


10. Crazy Design Book – I really like this book, it has some pretty cool designs, and I’m always a fan of design that is a little on the odd side of things anyway. I’m a designer so this is of course one of many design related books that I own – maybe I could do a little collection post for you one day!

Who is looking forward to part four? I’m going to continue to keep these pretty spread out from now on so they don’t take up too much of your reading on this blog.

There also MIGHT be a little haul coming soon, yes another one aha

- Bambi -

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