BM Euro Tour – London Meet-Up


This had to be one of the best nights in a long time, hanging out with lots of other awesome Sharkies can never be a bad thing! Let me explain, the masters behind Black Milk Clothing aka James Lillis and Cameron Parker are doing a mini tour of Europe and basically hosting a load of parties to meet people that buy their stuff, while I’m sure they get up to other business stuff too! Sharkies is the nickname for people (like me) who buy Black Milk, it’s a really cool community and I feel special to be part of it.

I decided to wear my Woman in Red dress, which is fast becoming one of my favourite pieces and it’ll certainly be one of my outfits for October’s Comic Con.

It started off in a restaurant for a pre-party meal with about 20+ other Sharkies, it was nice and relaxed and I had the tastiest Mocktail called AppleBerry, it was lush! Then we headed off down to Pacha in Victoria, it all felt very VIP, as we had a private entry door and a closed off section for just us Sharkies. That’s when the party began…

The drinks were CRAZY expensive, as in I’m pretty sure it was like £4.90ish for a Smirnoff Ice, which is crazy, they didn’t have any of the drinks I wanted so I ended up getting a Cranberry Juice and Vodka, but in a pint glass so it would last longer! Plenty of mingling and chatting, then some freebies and storytime began, it was pretty amazing to here how James Lillis started up Black Milk and I felt really inspired that I could achieve anything. I didn’t win anything in the raffle but I did manage to bag a BM stress ball which was exciting enough for me!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in creating this event, and Black Milk Clothing for making it happen and creating amazing clothes that I want to throw all my money at!

Time for pictures!

IMG_3441    IMG_3440

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995911_10152978676140313_919274724_n  1000151_10152978677905313_1294590185_n

67800_10152978677810313_967631467_n  944491_10152978677620313_395880932_n

If you haven’t bought from their store yet head over to their store by clicking HERE.

Would you like to see my collection?

- Bambi -

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