Filofax Journey


Bit of a random post today, but I’ve recently decided to start using my Filofax again after months of neglecting it. I actually really like having something physical to write in and make notes on, so now that I’ve been getting quite busy I felt like I needed to sort it out and start using it once again.
I use the Lavendar Metropol Personal Filofax, I love the colour purple and pastels so it’s the perfect one for me. It’s also quite a good size, not too big but not stupidly small where I can’t write anything down!


The reason I wanted to write this post was simply because I plan on making my own personal inserts so it’s another representation of my graphic ability and so that it’s a lot more personal to me and my needs. I may also create some especially for you lot if that is something you would be interested in?
Once I get myself the required hole punch the fun will really begin, I know that you can use a single hole punch but that’s quite time consuming so I’m going to try out the punch made by WHSmith, as it’s the cheapest I’ve seen around.

I’ll of course let you know how my little customising project goes!

- Bambi -

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