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So, I thought I would do a little post letting you know about all the posts I have planned! I’m going to do a lot of writing over the next few days so I have some scheduled for the days I’m not here, which I completely forgot to do the past week as I’ve barely been at home! Oops.
I also wanted to get some feedback from all my lovely readers about what type of posts you want to see more of, so drop me a comment and hopefully I can incorporate all of your ideas in future posts!
Here is a little list of some of the posts I have planned coming soon:
  • Man of Steel – Film Review
  • This is the End – Film Review
  • New Designers – Review + My favourite picks
  • Big Sharkie Day Out
  • Exercise + Health Kick Plan + My Exercise Clothing
  • Haul – Clothing, Jewellery & More
  • Ragdoll Mafia – Website Building + Merch Making
  • The Returned – TV Show Review
  • Nail Art Tutorial – I’d like suggestions on what you want to see for this one!
  • What’s on my iPhone
  • Competition!

There is just a few of the posts I have planned, I’m really chuffed that I have time to get back into blogging as I really miss it when I don’t have the time to write a post for you all.

- Bambi -

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  1. Hey, I love your blog great work ;) Please come check mine out, if you decide to follow me, leave me a comment and I’ll follow you back :) XxXx

  2. I can't wait to see 'this is the end' ! love the blog,
    check out mine- :)
    If you want to follow me i'll follow you back! x

    1. yeh I'm really looking forward to seeing it! Looks great!

      And your link doesn't seem to be working? :(



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