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Just a short little post today filled with a few random pictures I wanted to share with you all.

IMG_3416   IMG_3417

Amazing LEGO Tube Map, spotted this in Stratford Station (the Westfield entrance/exit), it is so cool and detailed, I quite like tube maps so I’m sad to say I was pretty excited when I saw this.


I picked up some cheap books in the HMV clearance, all four for £2 which I thought was pretty darn good! I mainly picked up the web design ones as I’m currently in the process of building some websites, one for myself and one for Ragdoll Mafia, I’ll let you know soon once they are all finished so you can take a look.


The picture isn’t too clear, but I wanted to share another little thing I’ve been up to, using a vinyl cutter to create some pretty amazing things for Ragdoll Mafia, you’ll have to go like their page to find out though, find it HERE.

- Bambi -

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