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So, I’ve been doing a lot of home cooking recently and I’ll definitely be sharing a lot of recipes with you all! Today it’s wedges, I first made these last week and they went down a storm so I thought as I was going to make them tonight I would share the recipe with a step-by-step guide. It’s really easy and I can believe I’ve never made them before, so here we go.

4 medium potatoes
Olive Oil (though you could use whatever oil you prefer)

Step 1
Pre-heat oven at 200°C, 400°F, Gas Mark 6 (Fan assisted will be 180°C)
Wash and dry the potatoes, then cut them into wedge shapes. Once all chopped up throw them in a bowl and pour a little oil over and use your hands to mix them round making sure they are all covered. I tend to use about 2 tablespoons for 4 potatoes, as I find that is plenty.


Step 2
Pour your chosen seasoning on top and again mix them around until all the wedges are covered equally. I like to add a little at a time so I can make sure I’m adding just enough. Today, I have used Schwartz Southern Fried Seasoning – specially for wedges. However, you could be simple and just use salt and pepper, or any other seasoning you have to hand.


Step 4
Grab a baking tray and spread all the wedges out, evenly as possible, I like to put a little baking paper down first as it reduces any risk of them getting stuck to the tray! Then pop the tray in the oven and cook for 45minutes, making sure you turn them half way through which will make sure they cook evenly.


Step 5
Serve up and ENJOY!
I served mine up with salad and a hot and spicy turkey steak, a very tasty meal!


I hope you liked this recipe and let me know if you try it out for yourself.

Would you like to see more recipes?

- Bambi -

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