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I thought this would be a bit of a fun post today, as I often wonder what apps people have, so if you are reading this and you too have a blog I’d love to see you do a similar post so I can read it, just leave a link in my comments if you do decide to do a post like this one!

Prepare yourself, this is going to be a long post!

Screen 1

Okay, nothing out of the ordinary here, apart from the fact I use Google Maps instead of Apple’s maps, as my first smartphone was an Android I did find the transition to Apple’s maps a nightmare, I missed all my little starred places. Thankfully, Google finally brought their maps to the iPhone and I immediately switched to it and I still love it, it’s fast, accurate and I love being able to star places.

Screen 2

Now here is where it gets exciting! So as you can see I have a few grouped items, which I’ll talk about after. I’ll just focus on the ones that aren’t grouped right now, I’ll just do a list and a comment or two about the app, my thoughts etc

Your Orange – I have it to keep track of my balance, I can’t say I use it very often, it’s probably an app I should delete.

Sky + – I love this app, I can check the TV schedule at ease and set programmes to record while I’m out if I’ve forgotten about something.

Westfield – Again this is an app I should probably delete as I rarely use it, the main reason I keep it is that when I do use it it’s very handy. I like being able to check on shops, opening times and whether there are any special events going on. This is the Stratford City version, as this is my local shopping haunt, a place I spend a bit too much time and money in.

Sky Sports Football – No, I’m not a huge football fan, the main reason I have it is for my boyfriend so he can check scores etc, I like to keep him happy aha

IMDB – One of my most used apps, I watch trailers on here and I’m constantly looking up about films or actors so it’s easily one of my favourite apps!

Black Milk – Not an app, but it’s actually a bookmark to their website, yes I may have a problem…

Facebook – Sadly I use this a bit too much too, I can’t say I do anything interesting using this app though.

Instagram – One of my favourite apps, I love taking little pictures and looking at everyone else’s, though I can’t say I’m very chuffed about the new video feature so I doubt I’ll ever use that. I think I'll stick to the photograph taking. Follow me! @bad_bambi

Gmail – I have a separate email app simply for my blog, as I already have 5 email accounts on my main one I wanted to keep my blog separate.

AppXpert – Now if you read their reviews A LOT of people will say it’s a scam, from my personal experience I can say honestly it’s not. I saved up the money and withdrew £25, yes it took a little over 2 weeks for the money to be paid into my PayPal but I DID get the money. You simply test out apps and you get around 20p for each one (with bonuses if you reach certain landmarks), they appear to be doing a lot more now compared to when I first downloaded it so I recommend trying it out! The little questionnaires don’t take very long and you earn a little bit of money, not bad.

Starbucks – I literally only have this due to buying a £10 voucher from Groupon for only £5 (bargain), as soon as I spend the £10 I’ll probably just delete this app.

Wimbledon – Now, for anyone who knows me, I am a MASSIVE tennis fan, so I always download the wimbledon app when the time comes around. I love being able to track the scores while I’m out or even of other matches if I’m watching a particular match.

Screen 2 – Games

I have a few odd games to help pass the time if I get bored, these can change quite a lot every couple of weeks but for now it’s these 6.

Street Food Tycoon – I tend to play this on the train as it makes time go a lot faster, nothing too special and it’s very repetitive but it’s better than doing nothing on the train.

Flow Free – I only have a few more to complete, I was addicted to this game, not so much now as I’m left with the hard ones! Another great time waster.

Pixel People – I haven’t played this for a while, I just don’t have the heart to delete it yet. It’s a neat little game, I think I may have to try and play it a bit more again.

Candy Crush – No surprises here, it’s both fun and frustrating at the same time. I’m currently stuck on level 65, beyond annoying!

Dumb Ways to Die – Based on the original YouTube video, I have to say I love this game, it just makes me happy!

IconPopSong – Something I will most likely delete very soon as I got quite bored of it pretty quickly.

Screen 2 – Lifestyle

This tends to be more of a random section, where I'll just add apps that maybe don’t quite fit elsewhere.

Vouchercloud & Vouchercodes – Very similar app in that they both offer different discounts codes for use in store or online

Groupon – Another type of discount app, except this one simply gives particular offers on products or holidays, some are worth the money others I feel aren’t good value but it can vary and it’ll depend what you want. I recently purchased a £10 Starbucks voucher for only £5 through this app, very handy!

Adobe Reader – I seem to access quite a few PDFs so having this is handy as it keeps them all in one place and allows me to access them offline.

eBay – It’s very handy having this app on my phone as it means I can buy/bid on the move

iTunes Live – The app is used to apply for free tickets to go the iTunes festival, this year I’ve got my fingers crossed for Queens of the Stone Age, last year I bagged tickets for Jessie J.

My Fitness Pal – It’s an app where you can track your exercise and food intake, I tend to go through patches of using it, but hopefully from Monday I’ll get into the habit of using it a lot more.

PayPal – Clearly I spend too much if I need the PayPal app, I mainly use it to send money directly to people or just keep an eye on my transactions.

Alert Rocket – Used in conjunction with AppXpert, it’s a recent addition where you are alerted to new investigations on the AppXpert web app.

Screen 2 – Social

I keep my less used social networking related apps in here.

Tumblr – I barely use this nowadays, in fact I have no idea why it’s still on my phone! I do go on there from time to time to look at all the pretty pictures on my dashboard but I seem to do that less and less now.

Pages – It’s Facebook’s app to manage a page, it’s quite handy as I can keep track of notifications of the Facebook page I help to admin

WhatsApp – What’s a smartphone without this app! Easy way to chat to friends, send pictures, have group conversations etc.

Messenger – It’s essentially Facebook messages in a seperate app, I prefer having this app to use when I’m having an actual conversation with someone.

Twitter – I’m starting to use this more and more, mainly because it’s hooked up with my instagram so some of my pictures get posted on here too. I like how it’s kept the Twitter concept and haven’t tried to complicate or add too many new features.

InstaCollage Pro – I use this to add frames, text or split pictures to be shared via instagram, it’s not bad for a free app.

Jittergram – I have yet to use this properly or post any pictures to instagram yet I think, I dunno I may delete this as although I really like the app it just isn’t getting much use.

MessageMe – Very similar to WhatsApp, not many people seem to really have it though, I love that I can send little doodles to people, it’s the main thing I like about the app to be honest.

Screen 3

Here is where I keep the other iPhone apps that come pre-installed, which I barely use. I also have two other apps which I rarely use but are too handy to delete.

Flashlight – Very handy when it’s night time in my flat as it gets very dark.

Find iPhone – Just in case my iPhone ever gets lost or stolen.

PHEW! That certainly was quite a long post, but I wrote it in the shortest way possible so hopefully you made it to the end!

What do you have on your iPhone? Do you have an apps you can recommend me?!

- Bambi -

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