Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween Everyone!

I have to say Halloween is one of my favourite times during the year, maybe it’s because I never got to celebrate Halloween as a kid so I go overboard now, either way I LOVE IT!

This year I made it my mission to make sure I had candy to give to the few trick’or’treaters that come to my door, by a few I mean like 4 kids. Every year it’s the same deal, we have nothing in the house and we desperately search in our cupboards for any old sweets or cakes we can give them, this year I refused to let this happen!

I tracked down some treat bags that I could fill with some candy and bubbles. Fair to say I may have got a little carried away as I wanted it to be special. As a kid I always imagined what it’d be like to go trick’or’treating, of course I thought it would be amazing and every door you knock on would yield buckets of candy, in reality it’s most probably much like the previous years of kids coming to my door, ‘oh wait a minute *desperately searches for anything*’. I want those kids who get to go trick’or’treating to actually get excited and go away happy and remember it as a good experience!

Anyway here are the goodies I picked up for my treat bags:


The stuff it included: Lollipops, Sherbet, Candy Necklaces, Maltesers, Bubbles. Obviously each one was slightly different as I had a few extra random sweets and lots of different lollies!

I got it all in the Poundshop/99p stores as well they do great branded stuff for super cheap! It’s always worth looking in there as why should you pay more for something you can get for a £1 ? It’s easy to forget they’ve changed a lot in the past 10 years and it’s not all that ‘out of date’ stuff you used to get, a lot of the stuff will still have months to go! Plus, please remember ‘best before’ means you can have it months after that date anyway so I see no reason for complaints! Maybe I should do some posts on my bargain hunting nature (let me know if you’d like to read posts like that)

Hopefully I’ll get some trick’or’treaters tonight otherwise I’ll be buying a reduced Pumpkin Bucket tomorrow from Tescos and taking all the sweets to the gig on Saturday! If you are in the London area and looking for a brilliant way to celebrate Halloween join me at this event: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

That’s all for now, see you all in my next post!

- Bambi -

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