So, it’s been quite a while since my last post, life has been a bit crazy, I was working quite a lot, but luckily now I seem to be on part-time shifts so I can get back to what I really enjoy  doing. You’ll also notice this blog’s header is a little different, what do you all think? I’ll be changing up the rest of the layout in the coming weeks so it all fits together much nicer!

I do have a list of posts I need to get to writing which I just need to plan out a little more and get to writing them!

So, what have I been up to, mostly working to be honest although something pretty exciting did happen on the 14th Oct.

1375273_10153342401680363_1276268526_nI had my graduation ceremony!

It was a really lovely day and it was pretty cool to walk across the stage and finally feel like a proper graduate. I mean I finished university back in June so I’ve been waiting long enough for this day! I was also super lucky to get my robes and hat hire for free as I worked as a Student Ambassador at university (which is something I’ll miss doing greatly). Under my robes I wore my Long Sleeve Blue Galaxy Dress from Black Milk Clothing, one of my all time favourite brands, apparently ‘you can tell I’m a designer’, which to me is a great compliment seeing as I am one!

I graduated with a 2:1 in BSc (Hons) Product Design.

Best part of the whole thing? Obviously apart from getting my degree, the fact I made one of the best friends I could hope for and that we both graduated with our goals!

The other piece of VERY exciting news I wanted to share with you, was that me and my boyfriend will be heading off to New York City for a few days for my birthday! I’m beyond excited for this trip, and I’ll definitely be doing some travel related posts leading up to my trip and I’m sure I’ll share plenty from my trip too!


I have been once before, which was about 4 years ago I think. The best part about going again is that it’ll be me and my boyfriend’s first trip outside of the UK together, and what better place to start than New York!?
We are staying in the same hotel I stayed in before so I already feel like I’ll know my way round a TINY bit, and as the hotel is so close to everything we’ll be able to walk around to most places which is pretty cool. I’m also looking forward to shopping! Lots and lots of shopping! Though I’m sure I won’t get carried away too much as my boyfriend hates shopping so we’ll have to do plenty of stuff in-between so he doesn’t die from the mass shopping spree!

Is there any kind of posts you would like to see in particular over the next month or so?

That’s all for now but I promise you won’t be waiting too long until the next post!

- Bambi -

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