New York Series - Part One


Here is my first part to my New York series. If you missed one of my recent posts you might not know, but I’ll be heading to New York for a few days at the end of November, it’s only a short trip but I thought as it’s such a popular holiday destination I would share all my tips and tricks with you!
So, I have been to New York once before about 5 years ago, I went for the same amount of time I believe, in fact I’m staying in the same hotel! I loved the hotel I stayed in so I was pretty chuffed I got a good deal as it’s a 4 star hotel and it’s beautiful! I really couldn’t praise it enough, in fact it also gets 4 stars on trip adviser from quite a lot of reviews so it’s obviously liked quite a lot. Personally, I love it because of the whole feel of it, it looks like an old fashioned hotel that you see in the movies, and it’s Tick Tock Diner is amazing and definitely worth the money as you get massive portions and it tastes amazing. The hotel is called the New Yorker Hotel and it’s in a great location and within walking distance of the main places you’d want to go like Times Square and the Empire State Building.

How much did it cost? Well I won’t give you the exact figure but it worked out to just under £600 per person, which included the insurance, flights and hotel. Now you can get cheaper deals if you go with other hotels, but seeing as I had stayed at that hotel before and knew it was amazing we decided to go with it. I mean £600 is a bargain ! I’ve spent £150+ on ONE night in a London Hotel before so based on that alone it was worth the price.

My best advice when looking for a holiday is to decide your budget before you look, as if you don’t you’ll end up just disappointing yourself or overspending to the point where you’ll have no money to spend out there! We had a budget of £600 per person and originally we had thought America would be too expensive so we focused on Europe, except that didn’t go too well and we found ourselves struggling to find anywhere we wanted to go and that also seemed worth the price tag. We saw a deal about New York so we thought, ‘it can’t hurt to just look and see if it’s possible’ and to our amazement it was! Sadly there were actually quite a lot of hotels that met our requirements, but they were pretty much all under 3 stars, and/or not in the greatest of locations! My boyfriend told me to just see if the hotel I stayed in came within our budget, honestly I wasn’t convinced I thought it would be too much, luckily it did come within our budget!

So my tips so far:
1. Set your budget – and stick to it!
2. Shop around, don’t just use the first site you click on
3. Read reviews – if it has a high star rating with a lot of reviews go with that one!
4. Check where the hotel is on the map in relation to the tourist spots – you don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere and/or spend lots on extra travel while you are out there

Hopefully you enjoyed this first part, my next part will be all about my planning for the trip and my ideas for what to do while I’m out there. Obviously, The last few parts of the series will be about my actual time out there and I’ll no doubt share all the things I bought out there with you too!

If you have any suggestions for either this blog or my trip to New York drop me a comment!

- Bambi -

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  1. Looks amazing- I have nominated you for a Liebster award :) x

    1. yay just did my post for it ! thanks for the nomination <3


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