New York Series – Part Two


So, seeing as my flight is tomorrow (so excited!) I thought now would be the best time to write the second instalment of my New York Series. I’m all packed and ready to head to the airport tomorrow so I actually have time to chill out and write a post without rushing it!

First thing I wanted to talk about was going to get my dollars, I had originally thought I would just head to Marks & Spencers and get them there until I had a little look online to find myself a much better deal than what they were offering. In the end I headed down to Debenhams, which I had honestly never even considered, mainly because I didn’t realise they had a money exchange part so it was a nice surprise. I would recommend using this website: which is where I found my best deal. It can change almost hourly so once you find a rate you are happy with head to the site and usually they have a ‘print this page to get this rate’ type set up, which I highly recommend you do as once I headed down to Debenhams I found that the rate they had there was a lot lower than my print out so I was very happy I had my print out with me to get my better rate!


Did I mention i’m really excited!? It took me a good few hours to pack due to taking such a small suitcase I had to seriously plan out my outfits which took a hell of a lot longer than I expected. I think no matter the length of your holiday it’s probably a smart idea to plan your outfits as it’ll save the nightmare I’ve had before on holiday of having lots of clothes but nothing really going together nicely enough for me to be satisfied. Now you are probably wondering, ‘isn’t she going to New York? Why is she taking a small suitcase?’, well my dear readers that’s because I didn’t want to check in any luggage on the way there, I actually plan on buying a lot and will pick up a cheap suitcase to check-in on the way back to the UK. I also thought I would then have to pack my essentials only as I tend to get carried away packing so always end up taking way too much, this way it meant I’m only taking the stuff I absolutely need.

Another handy tip if you are visiting the US from the UK, is that you must get a ESTA, a type of short visa which will last for 2 years so if you visit the US again within 2 years you won’t need to worry about applying again. I soon discovered there a quite a few websites that charge higher than what an ESTA should cost and some are even scams, to avoid any worry I went to the link that Expedia recommended me (, the ESTA costs $14 per person and if you happen to end up on a site that tries to charge you more, don’t pay it and find a different site!

The next parts of this series will no doubt include lots of photos and sharing everything I bought with you all! I’ll even try and do a little post while I’m out there but I won’t promise anything!

- Bambi -

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