New York Series – Part Three


So, I got back from New York a week ago, and have been much been busy working hence the little delay to another post! While I am still going through my photos I thought todays part would be me sharing a few things I picked up while I was out there, the stuff I’ll share right now will mainly be decorative items, as I will be moving soon so wanted some cool stuff to decorate my new room with!
Of course I had to pick up one of those license plate signs, my choice was of course read ‘Manhattan’ as well I love Manhattan and definitely need to head back there again as it’s just a cool city, and pretty similar to London except bigger!

This is a one of two I picked up on my last day in New York, as soon as I saw them I thought they would look awesome in my room, this first one is obviously Jim Beam. I got it because I actually really like this bourbon and its about A3 size with a vintage style so I know it’ll look really cool up on the wall.


The second one I picked up was of course an American classic being Coca-Cola! I just loved this one, it’s definitely my favourite of the two and again it has that cool vintage vibe which I really like as it adds a bit more character. I cannot wait to get these up on the walls.


One other bit I picked up was while I was in Macy’s, this tree ornament ended up being a gift for my mother as I ended up finding a different one which I preferred. I knew my mum would love it because she absolutely loved Macy’s when we went 5 years ago and she loves Christmas, so of course it was a match made in heaven!

DSC_0012  DSC_0013

I picked this tree ornament up for myself, I just loved how simple it was and mainly because it has ‘2013’ on it I’ll will be a nice addition to remind me and my boyfriend of our trip to New York. I also like that it says' ‘Believe’ as I guess we never really believed we were going to New York until we were actually in New York! The other side simply says ‘Macy’s’.

So, they are just a few bits I picked up while I was out there, I wish I had picked up more of the signs as there were quite a few I liked, but I think I’m going to go and do a little hunt around Camden at some point to find similar ones that might look quite cool to go with them.

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