100 Happy Days Challenge


I came across the '100 Happy Days Challenge' earlier today and I thought it would be a perfect to do alongside my 'note a day' journal. I always try to appreciate the small things in life but at times it's easy to just 'have a bad day' and not appreciate anything at all, so I thought this would be another nice thing to start off in the new year.

I decided to create my own hashtag so I would be able to quickly see all of my 100 entries to this challenge, #100happydaysbambibell (wow thats a mouthful!) but I doubt anyone will be using it!

I also thought this would help me to focus on good things when I'm feeling quite low or having a really bad day with my anxiety, maybe focusing on the little happy things in life will help with that.

Head over to there site to sign up and be part of the challenge! Click HERE

Here's my first picture below:


Of course my first picture of happiness had to be how grateful I am to all of you who currently follow me on Bloglovin', I really appreciate all the support. Hopefully this blog can continue to grow and develop, and most importantly be something that makes me happy and love sharing with you all.

I'll upload a blog post every couple of weeks to show you my progress and share all the photos with you! 

Thats all for now but don't forget if you haven't already followed me on Bloglovin' click the link below and follow me!

- Bambi -

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