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So, I thought I would do a quick little post about what I’m currently working on for this blog! 

Here is a little list of posts I’m actually working on right now and should be up soon:
- Film Review - Anchorman 2
- Netflix vs Lovefilm - Which will suit you best?
- Black Milk Collection (FINALLY I know I’ve been promising that one for a while!)
- Updated what’s on my iPhone
- My new DSLR Camera Review
- FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera Review

That’s a few of the posts I’m working on, and as you can see there’s quite a review type posts which I really enjoying writing so I’m definitely going to be working on a lot more reviews in 2014.

Especially as I personally find reading reviews before purchasing something a great help so hopefully I can help some of you out there with something too! I also really want to start working on reviewing a TV Series but I’m not sure on the format I’d like to do it so I need to have a think and get back to you on that one!

There will also be more posts about Mental Health, as this is something I definitely want to write more about and hopefully help others, my previous post got a lot of great feedback and it actually helped me a lot in my own therapy so as 2014 is a year for me to focus on being better and improving my life I’m going to write more to aid in my own recovery.

I’d also like to do a sort of ‘Money Saving Tips’ series where I can write about all the different ways I try to save money, whether it’s through shopping or physically saving money. I think at this time of year, it’s best to get into good habits so you don’t leave yourself out of pocket and skint by the end of the year! Trust me, planning money can work really well and I know from experience that doing so leaves you feeling rather satisfied!

See you in my next post, which should be up soon!

- Bambi -

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