LoveFilm Vs Netflix: Which should you go for?


As I've recently signed up to both LoveFilm and Netflix over the past few months I thought I would do a little comparison for you all as when I was trying to decide between the two a few months back I found the task difficult especially when you can't simply see the options before signing up for a trial.


First of all I signed up to LoveFilm (Back in September I believe it was), the reason I signed up was simply because there was a great cash back deal going on so I made like £15 just for signing up for the free trial! I then decided to extend it after the trial ended as I found I was watching a few films here and there and my dad was using it to watch 24 (TV Series). The other reason I kept it going for a while was simply because I would feel bd for cancelling as I had received a FREE blu-ray DVD player just because the LoveFilm App wasn't going to work anymore on my particular TV, so thank you Amazon for that as it was a great £100 gift!

The great thing about LoveFilm is that they do have a great variety, however I found that most of the films I wanted to watch weren't available on my streaming only account, the newest releases were generally always for DVD rentals only. However, LoveFilm still had plenty of films I enjoyed watching and lots of TV Shows I wanted to watch for the first time, such as Sons Of Anarchy.


At the end of December I thought I might as well sign up for Netflix just to test the waters and see which I preferred for myself, they offer the same one month free trial so it wouldn't cost me anything to try it. I found immediately that Netflix approached things slightly differently, it's all streaming and the best part has to be the fact they have an App which you are able to watch films/TV shows on, which LoveFilm doesn't offer. Sadly so far I haven't received any sort of freebies like LoveFilm but I think it was pure luck I got that DVD player from LoveFilm anyway so I can't really count against Netflix for that one!

I found Netflix's layout far more pleasant to use and I quite like the integration it has with Facebook so I can see what my friends are watching as I might spot something I wouldn't have watched previously. I also found it pretty much had everything I wanted to watch available to stream straight away and the quality is great too, I've found it starts of a little blurry but will very quickly improve and be of a high quality viewing on my TV or other devices.

Making a tough decision?

In the end I found the decision very easy once I checked whether Netflix also had Sons of Anarchy and other TV Shows I wanted to watch, once I knew they had them I went and cancelled my LoveFilm subscription. When you cancel you do get offered quite decent deals if you are thinking it's costing a little too much maybe do that and save yourself a few pennies by getting a few months at a cheaper rate. I found Netflix to be the perfect option for me as it works great on any platform I want to access it from, it costs the same as LoveFilm and in the end unless I wanted to pay more and get the DVD rentals with LoveFilm I was never going to get better films. Which for someone who likes going to the cinema a lot having the latest releases isn't vital for me as I've generally seen a lot, or I'm happy to wait for the rest. 

To put it simply, if you want the latest films go with a LoveFilm DVD rentals subscription. If you are more concerned about having TV Shows to watch, Netflix offers a lot of both British and American TV Shows which for me is great. 

However, if you are still unsure the best way to decide is just taking out both of the free trials and seeing which suits you best! Just remember to cancel the one you don't want so you don't pay any money! Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you try them out and what your favourite is!

- Bambi -

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  1. Great post! I don't think we have LoveFilm in Canada, but Netflix is hugely popular over here!

    1. Thanks!

      Well LoveFilm is owned buy Amazon so maybe its under a different name in Canada :D


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