Scotland - Part One


I ended up having to head up to Scotland on Thursday morning as my Auntie Mary passed away a few days before and her funeral was on Friday, so it was quite a rush to get myself ready plus sorting out getting time off work to be able to go up. I was rather stressed out to say the least, plus of course upset at the same time.

Was nice to visit Scotland again, seeing family I don't get to see as often as I would like. Friday came quite quickly and the service was really nice, exactly what my Aunt would have wanted so that definitely helps when you are trying to move on after someone passes away. The rain even held off while we were down at the cemetery, nothing worse than being down a burial and it pouring with rain.

As I stayed up until Tuesday, (in fact i'm actually on the train home right now) it meant I was able to actually enjoy myself a little bit too, granted it was under bad circumstances but I was grateful at being able to have some time to relax and enjoy myself a little bit. I even saw a Medium and had a little taster, I was pretty sceptical but some things she said was correct but I'm not completely convinced by it all yet! I also had my Angel cards read which was something I enjoyed a lot more, and found it more accurate than the Medium, plus the Angel cards are always positive which is nice!

I also got a chance to experiment with my DSLR camera and ended up with some really nice photos that I'm quite happy with! Not bad considering it's basically the first proper time I've had a chance to use it. 

Heres a little taster screenshot of one of my pictures :

No idea what that little white rectangle is, it went a little weird when I uploaded this picture on here!

So, why is this blog post Part One? I did a little bit of shopping while I was up there so one post will most probably be a little haul type thing to share with you all what I bought. I also just wanted to share some photos, and write a little more about where I actually went in Scotland and places I always head to. 

Will try and get those posts up as soon as I can write them!

- Bambi -

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  1. Can't wait to see more about this! (Pictures, haul!) Sorry about your aunt :( Must be tough.

    1. awh thanks! really appreciate the nice comment :) the haul should be uploaded by the end of the weekend with any luck! nice to think of somewhere nice to take the photos :)


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