Current Wishlist #1


I've been meaning to start up with this 'Current Wishlist' posts, but for some reason never got round to it, so starting from now I'll be doing monthly wish list posts. I figured it made sense seeing as I'm always window shopping whether it be online or in physical stores, I just can't help myself!

Platrane Boots by Jeffrey Campbell - £135

Buy them at
I have been eyeing these up for quite a while now, but with the £135 they aren't exactly your high street type of prices, therefore I have to think about purchases such as these for a while. Sadly, I think I love them more now than when I first saw them so I'm really hoping they'll appear in their sale or something so I can save myself a little bit of money. All I know is that these will certainly be joining my wardrobe at some point, whether it's at the £135 price tag I'm not sure yet but all I know for sure is that I need them. You can buy them now at the Office online store, click HERE.

Black Backpack by New Look - £17.99
Buy them at New Look
I spotted this bag out while doing some window shopping, I think i've fallen in love with it! I think mainly because I used to have a similar bag, and another huge reason being it's very '90s and well I love the '90s! I may end up picking this up (not that I need any more bags!) unless I spot another similar one that I prefer. You can buy it now online at New Look, click HERE.

Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels by Revlon - £6.49

Now, as soon as I read about these I knew I'd want them, I loved the Models Own Scented polishes and these seemed to be a more exciting take on the concept of scented nails. These three are the ones that jump out to me immediately, both because of the colour and the name. From left to right, Powder Puff, Moonlit Woods and Tropical Rain. I cannot wait to add these to my nail polish collection and I'll no doubt be buying more from this range! Buy them now from Boots, click HERE.

Ladybird Collar Clips by Sugar&Vice - £14
Buy them at Sugar&Vice

I absolutely love these! It was hard to just choose one item from their site to include in this post, however with spring weather edging closer and my growing craving to wear more summery clothes these are perfect for it. I've never come across collar clips I've liked, many are either too over the top or simply too plain, I wanted something subtle yet very cool, these ticked all the right boxes. I'll definitely be purchasing these along with a few other items on their site. They are a great company and I first discovered them through MySpace years and years ago, in fact I might still have one of the items (rainbow crystal bracelet) that I bought from there all those years ago, crazy but clearly they are great quality items! Check out their site and this item buy clicking HERE.

That's all the current items on my wish list, well the most wanted ones on my wish list anyway! I think for future posts I'll keep the amount to around 5 items as otherwise I could write forever about all the things I would like to buy.

- Bambi -

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