Giveaway: Black Milk Clothing Voucher


I've been thinking about doing a giveaway for a while now, and I thought I might as well organise one for the start of March. Just because March is a special month for me so I wanted to share some of the happiness!

There will only be ONE winner, however depending on how well this goes I MAY consider doing runner up prizes, but lets just see how we get on yeh?

It's pretty simple to enter, just follow the instructions below :) There is various ways to enter so find one that suits you best, you can even gain multiple entries by doing more than one!

This will hopefully also be a great way to gain some new readers as that makes me feel pretty awesome when I get a new comment or reader here :)

The competition will run for 3 weeks, so there is plenty of time to enter and share with your friends and help me get my blog out there to brand new readers, which is the whole aim of this! Plus saying a thank you to those who already read my blog as I think I might have given up by now otherwise, so I appreciate the support massively!

Oh and it's open worldwide, so enter away and share with your friends!

Good luck everyone!

- Bambi -

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  1. Aint no giveaway like a Sharkie giveaway because a Sharkie giveaway is MANDATORRYYY!

  2. fingers crossed! I literally dream about black milk leggings for years :)

    1. ah good luck!! remember you can tweet everyday to get extra entries :)

  3. If i won i would buy a skater dress for my graduation

    1. ah nice choice! i love their skaters! I need some more to add to my collection i think! x

  4. Woop Woop last minute entry haha

  5. I'd definitely buy a new dress for an upcoming party :) x


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