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This week I have been able to use my free time to do what I love, Freelance Graphic Work! Due to having quite a few days of this week I have had plenty of time to take in requests from various people for a variety of different work. I always like a challenge and one of my requests certainly is a challenge but I am excited to practice and learn some new skills.

The most recent piece of work I have done is for the boys over at Ragdoll Mafia, of course we all know by now I do all of their graphic work, web or print based, so it's always a pleasure to be asked for yet another bit of work from them. This time was a flyer to follow up from a banner I had made for their upcoming gig,  they always need flyers for shows as it enables their audience to get cheaper entry. Here is the final result:

View the event by clicking the flyer

Another bit of freelance work I've finished today was for the wonder Haydy over at Squibbvicious, who wanted a new illustration of herself to place on her blog. This was something I was excited to work on as it's not very often that I get to do something like this, and it was something I certainly wanted to practice and become better at so I jumped at the opportunity. I loved the final result so much that I'm a little jealous and wish it was going on my blog! I guess this is the next best thing so you can view it below:

You can view the image on her site by clicking the picture

So, they are a couple of things I've recently completed and luckily I have a long list of other freelance work to keep me busy in my free time. I am always looking for new opportunities and always open to new challenges and projects so if you need anything graphic based get in touch!

You can contact me via my blog email address: 
If you do wish to contact me via the above email please put something along the lines of 'Freelance Request' in the subject so I can easily find it.

You can also contact me directly through my online portfolio, , and simply click on the contact link and fill in the details. Again please put 'Freelance Request' in the subject line, to make sure I do not miss your email.

I aim to reply to all emails within 3-5 working days.

I'm really looking forward to sharing more of my freelance work with you in future posts.

- Bambi -

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