Being Happy Series - Part Two - The Joy of Plants


So, welcome to part two of my 'Being Happy' series, in this post I'll be exploring something pretty rad. I was lucky enough to team up with the people over at The Joy of Plants, who focus on how plants can improve your mood simply by placing a plant in your home or office. I'm sure we've all experienced the joy of receiving a bunch of flowers and how it can brighten up the room, so surely a plant would have the same effect?

To help promote their message they have been creating a lovely little YouTube series which I'll post the first episode below:

I was lucky enough to be sent a beautiful plant, a Calla Lily which is their House Plant of the Month of May. It's a beautiful plant and it's definitely something I would purchase. 

I've had the plant for over a week now I believe, and the main issue i've personally come across is the plant itself droops quite a lot, so it doesn't look that great! This is most likely down to Interflora who supplied the plant, I think it could have done with a bit more care before reaching my home! I've since tried to tie it up slightly to reduce the drooping, and it instantly looks a lot better, so along with my mood it's improved greatly. It's an easy plant to look after and The Joy of Plants website has all the information you'll need on how to care for you plant, which is helpful for someone who hasn't really ever own plants before let alone this particular one. 

It definitely has improved my mood as looking after something and the splash of colour it brings to an otherwise beige living room is wonderful. I definitely like the idea of adding a few extra smaller plants to my home now as I think even taking the time to look after them is relaxing and therefore will make me feel happier. I love sitting down to do some work with it in my eye line, it's a lot nicer to look at instead of my living room wall that's for sure! 

So, want to join in and improve your mood with a beautiful houseplant? Head over to The Joy of Plants and you'll find lots of information about houseplants from caring for them to some DIYs.

Click image to view their website

They also have a Facebook page which can be found HERE, and give them a follow over at Twitter (@thejoyofplants) by clicking HERE.

So, I think I should answer my earlier question: I'm sure we've all experienced the joy of receiving a bunch of flowers and how it can brighten up the room, so surely a plant would have the same effect?

In short, yes it does have the same effect, maybe even something more joyous due to the fact you won't have to deal with throwing out the dead flowers after a few days (provided you look after the plant correctly that is!). That for me definitely makes it something special and I feel silly for not purchasing a house plant sooner as it really has made my mood brighter!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts about the effects of houseplants on your mood.

See you in my next post!

- Bambi -

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