Quick Update: June


I cannot believe it's been almost a month since I wrote my last post, time really has evaded me recently as I'll explain in a minute. But first, I'm going to attempt to start writing posts in advance so if there is super busy periods again I'll be prepared, and hopefully I can go back to posting around once a week.

So, the past few weeks have been a little hectic, I've recently been taking on more freelance work and the past two weeks have resulted in a longer freelance project for a clothing company. Along with that I've still been working my kitchen job too, though that's soon to be dropped to just one day a week to give myself some more freedom. As I've been doing 8 days in a row, then one day off and then another 7 in a row, it's a little crazy and I've been exhausted anytime I haven't been at work, hence the lack of posts. But seeing as i'll be back to doing 5 days a week I can finally get this blog back in order!

I've begun focusing a lot more on getting new freelance projects and with that of course I created a Facebook page, so please help me out and give it a like here: Amber FC Graphic Design. You can actually contact me there directly if you have any projects you think I'd be suitable for or want me to get involved with. 

Other than the mass amount of working, sadly it's left me with little time for much else. Though I've got quite a few things planned in the coming months so I'll have plenty to write about so watch this space!

See you soon! I promise!

- Bambi -

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