Being Happy Series - Part Three - Day One App


For the next instalment of this Being Happy series, I wanted to share a new app I came across and to put it simply, I love it! 

Day One

The app is called Day One, and I installed it a few days ago and I'm already finding myself excited for tomorrow to write a new entry. For me this is a better more exciting way to take time everyday to recognise something positive that happened that day, or just jotting down something that happened that day. 

As much as I wanted to continue with the 100happydays challenge, I just didn't get into it and would often find myself giving up due to it being an instagram based challenge. The Day One app allows me to follow the same principle, by taking time to appreciate something but in a way that suits my needs better, I love that I can add photos if I want, along with various other bits of information. I can even do multiple posts for one day if I'm feeling particularly happy, now I know I can do this via Instagram, but I prefer that it's private and it's more of a personal quite journal.

So, lets show you more of the app itself:

Day One
This is the main page you open the app to, as you can see I've already completed 5 entries over 5 days. My personal preference to immediately click is the 'Calendar' option, I think as I'm still relatively new to the app I'm sure I'll explore the other options a little more over time but to keep things simple this is where I like to go.

Below is the calendar view:

Day One
So, here you can see my entry for Friday 4th July. The blue squares represent days where you have made an entry, pink is for 'Today' and the grey colour is for the day you currently have selected, so all very simple! I love the simple layout and that you can see a snapshot of your entry along the bottom so you can quickly remind yourself what you wrote about. 

I'm looking forward to using this app daily and exploring it's capabilities! I really recommend it as just giving a few minutes out of your day to write a entry isn't much and will help you appreciate the little things in life. After all how can you be happy when you can't appreciate the daily small things that put a smile on your face?

You can find their website here: Day One

As far as I'm aware it's only for iOS at the moment but hopefully it'll be rolled out to android soon.

If you decide to download the app let me know how you get on, I'd love to hear your experience with it and whether you are gaining anything positive out of using it. I may share some entries with you down the line so watch out for them.

- Bambi -

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