British Summer Time - SOUNDGARDEN!


I was extremely lucky to be one of the people who managed to grab those £2.50 tickets for the British Summer Time in Hyde Park. For those who have no idea what that is, it's a festival type event, where you purchase a ticket for one of the days, it's essentially a big day out filled with music in Hyde Park. I was so excited that I managed to get tickets for the Friday as I wanted to buy them at full price but couldn't afford it at the time so it didn't take much convincing to buy tickets for me and my boyfriend.

However, the Wednesday right before the gig I got into a little accident involving a bookcase and well....

Aha, honestly the giant boot makes it look worse than it was, the boot was purely for ease of walking/standing and protection while I was at the gig. I also had a crutch to go along with this glorious outfit of the day!

I actually broke a couple of my toes, not the greatest timing, though if you ask my friends they weren't particularly surprised, as I'm accident prone and well of course it would be me who injures herself before a big gig!

I refused to let that put me off going, why? Because of Soundgarden, they are pretty much one of my all time favourite bands and honestly I wasn't going to let a few broken toes stand in my way of finally seeing them for the first time live! Thankfully I had my wonderful boyfriend and friends there to protect me from all the people who at times I was sure where trying to kill me, without them protecting my foot I would have probably went and sat down and cried. BUT, I didn't and I had a great time, granted at times the pain was pretty rough but it was totally worth it, I even got a high five and a crutch-five for being a badass.

Of course I also saw Faith No More and Black Sabbath, but as I never feel like Soundgarden get talked about enough this is why this post is dedicated to them! Honestly, they played brilliantly, playing the whole of Superunknown to mark it's 20th anniversary, it's amazing how great Chris Cornell's voice is, especially in real life, he truly is an incredible singer (then again I already knew this before the gig aha). Another nice surprise was seeing Matt Cameron on drums as with him drumming for Pearl Jam too we didn't expect him there, so that was a cool bonus!

Now here's a load of rubbish quality pictures I took on my iPhone, enjoy:

So, don't think I've written many posts on a music topic before, how did you all find it? Would you like to see more music posts? Maybe something more in-depth or with guest writers? Something similar to my film reviews which I like to do when I can?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

- Bambi -

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