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So, I recently hit up the cinema to finally see 22 Jump Street. I hadn't actually seen 21 Jump Street until about the week before, and mainly watched it due to my other half desperately wanting to see the film. Now I do love a comedy so I was surprised I hadn't watched it sooner but I guess there's too many films or TV shows I get distracted by and forget! I really enjoyed 21 Jump Street so it's fair to say I was pretty excited to go along and see the sequel.

Here is the trailer for 22 Jump Street:

As like with all my reviews, I try not to include any spoilers etc as I always think you should watch a film and make your own mind up, so remember that this is simply what I thought of this film and any other films I write about. (Phew!) To sum it up, I really enjoyed the film. The story was pretty similar to the original, but that isn't a bad thing, in fact it adds to the whole hilarious nature of this particular film. You'll notice the running joke is all about poking fun at sequels, and make sure you watch the credits too as there are plenty more jokes there to be laughed at!

This is a comedy, with some action, granted the action scenes aren't anything breathtaking but I don't think the film would have worked if they were. The point is, this film is all about poking fun at itself and unless you to watch this film expecting award winning things you won't be disappointed. It's a very enjoyable film and it's nice to watch a film that isn't trying to be anything more than what it is, a comedy! 

I'm actually surprised at how much I enjoyed watching Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as a comedy duo within both films, they actually make a really enjoyable pair to watch. They work extremely well together and a lot of the laughs come from the both of them which is always something nice to watch.

Overall, I definitely think this film is worth watching. I don't think it's 100% necessary to see the first film as you'll probably still find it funny but you would miss out on quite a few jokes so if I can give just one piece of advice is make sure you see the first one as it'll be worth all the laughs!

- Bambi -

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