New Year's Resolutions


Now, if you are anything like me every year you sit and make a bunch of random resolutions that you end up failing at within a couple of months. Of course every year I tell myself it will be different and to put it simply, it's always the same. So, what will make this year any different? In reality, nothing, however some of these I have already started a little bit so none of them are anything extreme which is usually where most of us go wrong. I would always come up with massive ambitions and never end up sticking to any of them as they were never realistic, so this year I'm only making realistic resolutions as then I know I will stick to them. Not all of mine will be year long commitments, some are just certain things I want to do at some point/for a certain duration so I'm keeping my resolutions varied this time round. So, what are they?

1. Complete Veganuary. It is essentially where you become a vegan for the month of January. I'm already vegetarian so this won't be too drastic for me, especially as I don't eat a lot of dairy anyway. Let me know if you plan on taking part in veganuary too.

Visit their website for more information

2. Spend at least one weekend every month going somewhere! Whether that's somewhere in London I've never been to before, or new cities or countries. I came up with this one seeing as I've already planned trips to Scotland and Manchester in February, and Brighton in March, and I know I'll be going on a little trip later in the year. I thought I would finally start exploring a bit more, whether it's with friends or on my own. If you have any suggestions on places I should visit drop me a comment! I'd love to hear your suggestions and ideas. For January I think I'll be exploring somewhere close to London that I haven't been to yet.

3. Up my fitness regime! I joined the gym about a month ago, and started working out about 3/4 months ago at home, from January 1st I really want to get into a better regime and routine with the gym. Maybe up my attendance to around 4/5 times a week (however I plan to do that gradually otherwise I might cry), and begin doing more than just my usual cardio. Don't get me wrong, I love cardio, seriously, I love working up a sweat and feeling like I've had a good workout but I really want to start getting a more varied workout and maybe hit the weights at some point.

Finally feel like I'm starting to make some progress.

4. Tattoos! Easy one for me, but I have so many ideas swirling round my head at the moment and I'd love to get at least one of them out and on me forever. Granted i'm 100% I'll have this done within a few months, it doesn't hurt to have an easy resolution to stick to right?

3 of 4 - My tattoos so far

5. Go to the cinema and see new films! I've lost the person I would normally go with, which sucks especially when I get scared to go alone. For 2015 I want to have the 'fuck it' attitude and just go, whether its with friends or just on my own. I enjoy writing reviews and I genuinely miss writing them so I really want to get back into it and that will have to involve me going alone sometimes. 

This being one of the films I need to see.

and finally 6. Do carry on doing things for me. I guess all of my resolutions reflect this too, but I want to focus on myself and not worry about anyone else, I want to do stuff for me and only me and not be afraid anymore. My anxiety is always something that will prevent me doing things, but in 2014 I began to push through it and I want to continue that, I refuse to let my anxiety control me anymore and doing things that I enjoy will help that. I will push myself a lot in 2015 and I'm excited. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I'm starting to not care what anybody else thinks, hopefully by the end of 2015 I won't care at all, but we shall see!

What are your New Year's Resolutions? I'd love to hear them!

- Bambi -

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  1. Good luck with the new year !

    I am also with you on the tattoo resolution, already planning some last year aha :)

    1. Thanks!

      and aha yeh I have lots of ideas just need to narrow them down ;) what are you planning to get?

  2. I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award:)! Check it out on the link below:)

    Paige x


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