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I was lucky enough to win two tickets to attend the launch for the new Adidas StellaSport range that Topshop shall now be stocking (which I'm super excited about!). As someone who has properly begun her fitness journey in the past few months this was particularly exciting as I'm always on the lookout for cool gym gear, and this collection definitely offers it!

Iris Gold was DJ'ing and she was pretty epic

The TASTIEST drink I've had for a while
The next few pictures will give you a look at the pretty awesome clothes that were out (which you could purchase there and then), only two items really stood out to me, but since the event my wishlist has grown so I'll definitely be adding to my collection.

Trainers + a few drinks...obviously...
I was pretty close to buying a pair of trainers that night, specifically the bottom left ones, but I was being lazy and couldn't be bothered with all of the trying on that would need to happen so I could work out my size etc. I'm actually quite glad I didn't get them in the end as I want to try a few and find the perfect pair (for gym + running) so I think I need to take a bit more time to decide about these.

Jackets / Sports Bras / Tops 

Tops / Leggings / Sports Bras 
Sweatshirts / Leggings / Tops 
This collection is really well rounded, I like the mixture of garments available and although I immediately moved towards the rail with the white/black selection the other colours have since grown on me. In particular the beautiful red jacket, definitely think I need to purchase that, more on the reason what made me fall in love with it later. So, what did I buy?

Sweater + Sports Bra
I only bought two items, but I reckon I may pick up another sports bra at some point as it fits me perfectly. The sports bra was £28, and in my opinion worth every single penny, it's super soft and is a medium support which seeing as my boobs aren't very big is great and suitable for getting my sweat on in the gym. The sweater was obviously more expensive, costing £50, which to many would be expensive for a slightly cropped sweater but as soon as that garment went on I knew it'd was worth the price. It's comfy, and I love the all over print, along with the boxy style fit. I got this in a medium as I never buy sweaters in my actual size, I will always get them a size bigger and again it fits me great. Here have some quick pictures I took when I got back from the gym this morning (well the crop is from last night when I quickly tried it on).

Sports Bra: BUY HERE

Sweater: BUY HERE

Sweater: BUY HERE
I cannot truly convey how much I love those two garments! I look forward to lots more wear out of them! So, the night included a lot more than just clothes! Voguing (I think that's their name) was a dance perfomance (twice) and they were pretty amazing to watch, and definitely some fitspiration aha! 

Then a pretty awesome lady called Charli XCX (!) performed!! I'll be honest, I know a few songs by here, all of which I like but I wouldn't have called myself a fan and to be honest I wasn't expecting too much, oh how I was wrong. She is great live, seriously throws herself into dancing and she was full of energy and I definitely wish I could have danced more (other people really weren't dancing so didn't want to be too weird aha!) With that in mind me and my friend (Hi Fen!) totally decided we are going to see her perform again so we can get our party dancing on! Lets see some pictures of her performance shall we?!


Charli XCX

Charli XCX

Charli XCX

Charli XCX

Charli XCX

Charli XCX
I'll say it again, she was excellent and I look forward to seeing her on her own terms as I bet that'll be even better! Once she finished performing the event itself was pretty much other, so cue the awesome little treat bag we were given on our way out! And seeing her in that jacket has made me want it instantly, and luckily it's only £60 which is a total steal in my opinion, I'll definitely need to add it to my wardrobe sometime soon. Check it out HERE

The little bag at the bottom was the goodie bag

Bobble Water Bottle | Phone Gel Sticker | Badge |
Charli XCX's brand new album Sucker !
The fact we got a copy of Charli XCX's brand new album (not even out yet!) on a USB was super cool and it immediately went onto my iTunes when I got home. I can also safely say it's a great album to work-out to as I tested that out this morning and it made me want to dance and kept me moving! I would have bought the album if we hadn't got it as a freebie, though I may get the actual CD at some point as I do like owning actual CDs still.

I think that marks the end of this blog post! I think I'll be doing a 'What's in my bag post' next seeing as I got a new bag recently seems like an appropriate thing to do! Will also do a Black Milk gym wear post soon too as I've got a couple extra bits coming in the post so once I've tested those out I'll get that up for.

I can see this blog moving towards something that includes a lot more health and fitness style posts, which I'm excited about as it's a new passion of mine so I'm excited to share this journey with you!

See you in the next post!

- Bambi -

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