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I grew up addicted to colouring in, in fact even in secondary school I used to carry a colouring book in my Batman backpack around with me just in case I got bored (most likely in my German lessons oops!). I've always found it incredibly calming and definitely a great way to unwind after a long day at work, so I thought I would share this beautiful book with you all. It's called Secret Garden and it's created by the incredibly talented Joanna Basford, seriously once you flick through you'll want to grab colouring pens and have a go yourself!

I've always been a fan of starting on whatever page you want with colouring books, it's supposed to be fun with rules so why would you start from the beginning unless you really wanted to. I tend to just flick through and choose a random page and get colouring, it keeps it fun and well every page is so beautifully drawn it'd be hard to get bored of colouring them all in.

This was the first page I completed, I wanted to do something bright and fun, I like playing around with ideas so I'm doing a monochrome page and pages that are totally random colours. I try to only start one or two pages as otherwise you'll end up with a book of unfinished pages, which doesn't look great! So I personally limit myself to 3 maximum so I know I won't end up with loads of unfinished pages.

This is the newest page I've started, honestly it's hard to make these pages look bad when the drawings are so pretty! 

So, what do I use to colour? My weapon of choice, as you might have been able to tell is mainly fineliners, they give me strong colour and are thin enough for the highly detailed sections. I will do some pages using colouring pencils but I haven't got to those yet, I do however have my coloured pencils at the ready.

The above picture shows both the pen and pencil sets I use for everything to do with colouring. The pens were a firm favourite of mine while I was at uni so once I bought this book I of course picked up a new set of these pens to go with it! I threw out all of my old pencils when I moved last year so I wanted something to replace them, I picked this nice set up off Amazon, I'm a fan of Staedtler so I went with their set of pencils as I knew what type of quality I would get instead of risking a brand I haven't used before. I was happy to see that Joanna herself recommends these on a blog post of hers I came across one afternoon, see her blog post here.

I bought my copy off Amazon here, so go grab yourself a copy and get colouring! I would love to see how you bring life to all these pretty pages, it's really fun to see what other people do as it gives us all more ideas of our own.

Now, you may have noticed that in the first picture of this post there's another book in the frame called Enchanted Forest, there will be a blog post for that coming as soon as I finish a page of it, so please out for that post in the near future.

See you in the next one!

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- Bambi -

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