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I was writing quite an intense post, about my life in the past year. The whole crazy lot, but I chickened out of posting it so now I'm here.

I wanted to write a little rant about guys and the whole single life thing. I'm 24 and single, apparently this is a prime age to attract utter dickheads. The worst thing about it is that I'm not on Tinder nor do I use any dating sites etc, why you might ask? Well, I don't want a relationship, and I'm just not that interested in the whole 'dating' thing. That being said, I do get various guys talking to me, through various social media or in real life, to summarise, it's a great reassurance to me that I've made the right decision in wanting to stay single.

Guys like to jump from one extreme to another, one minute they are chatting how they want to find a girlfriend, someone who they can have nights on the sofa with etc, then as soon as you say you're not looking for a relationship they jump to the other extreme. That other extreme is being a 'fuck buddy', let me tell you this now, if you've started the conversation on one side then jump to the other, I will tell you to get lost. Why can't guys just be straight up and honest about exactly what they want? If you want a relationship, great, go find a partner who wants that. If you want a fuck buddy, awesome, go find a partner who wants that. You can't want both within the same 10 minute conversation, you are an idiot if you think it will impress a women by offering everything!

Which reminds me, sending dick pics to women just isn't sexy. I'm not even sorry. We are very happy you are proud of your manhood, but they aren't pretty to look at and no one needs a picture of it on their phones. The worst ones are when you have a normal conversation with a guy and then BAM! He sends a dick pic, so I immediately think 'bye'. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with sexting but please guys, don't send dick pics out of the blue, it just isn't good! If you're having a dirty conversation and it builds to it fine, go for it, but that has yet to happen from personal experience, i've had random guys send me pictures during a perfectly innocent conversation! Not cool!

The last thing I need to rant about is the whole 'friend-zone' bullshit, seriously women don't 'friend-zone' guys, you do that to yourself. If you like someone, go and tell them, ask them out. If you decide not to do those things don't moan about being 'friend-zoned', no, you're just too scared to ask her out, that's your problem, not theirs. The world isn't going to end if you ask them out and they say no, you may feel a little shit for a bit but you'll probably gain some confidence with the whole 'asking women out' thing. Whatever you think will happen will always be at least 10 times worse than what could possibly happen so just relax and go for it!

That's my little rant over with for now! I'm going to start start being more productive so watch this space for lots of little posts coming very soon! At the very least you'll get a load of posts with me just ranting about stuff!

- Bambi -

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