Reflecting on 2015


It's edging closer to the end of the year so I thought now was the perfect time to see how I got on with my New Years resolutions. I felt like I made quite realistic resolutions for 2015, so lets see how I got on!

1. Complete Veganuary. 

I'm happy to say I completed Veganuary without any hitches, it wasn't actually as hard as I thought it would be. Maybe that was because I was veggie for a while before January so it didn't seem so bad! Plus I've never been huge on stuff like cheese or eggs anyway! I've been debating about going veggie/vegan again in the new year, but I'm currently undecided so we'll see what I decide in the new year for that!

2. Spend at least one weekend every month going somewhere! 

This is probably the one I'm most proud of, I've pushed myself out of my comfort zones, I've even went to conventions on my own which were outside of London. Such as Body Power which was based in Birmingham, a year or two ago I would never have even considered going to somewhere like that on my own, so I'm really proud that I managed to do it and actually enjoy it! I've experienced lots of new things, and this is likely to be something I'll continue next year. Highlight was finally getting to go to Legoland around Halloween time.

3. Up my fitness regime!

This is a tricky one, I did actually up my fitness regime for the first half of the year, I started lifted weights and I was really enjoying hitting up the gym. Sadly I injured myself not only once but pretty much every time I was ready to get back into the gym thing, I injured something else, it resulted me bursting into tears on a treadmill. Awkward. I'm hoping that in the new year I can get back into my fitness and start building up my strength again, and you know, lose weight at the same time..

4. Tattoos! 

I didn't really achieve what I wanted with this one! I actually only had one new tattoo done in 2015, so it's definitely a resolution that will carry over to the new year as I definitely need to start filling up space!

5. Go to the cinema and see new films!

I can happily say I've gone to the cinema a lot this year and seen some awesome films. It's been a mixture of general cinema attendance and previews. The film that stands out for me this year (as someone who is a big fan of Star Wars and writing this before she has seen episode VII) has to be The Martian, it was brilliant and I immediately headed out and picked up the book which was also a brilliant read so I highly recommend checking out both when you have a chance.

6. Do carry on doing things for me. 

When I said I was most proud of number 2, I guess it's heavily linked to this resolution. I've actually gone out and done stuff for myself, probably for the first time in my entire life, I've really enjoyed getting myself out there and doing new stuff. It's been fun. Although my mental health has still been something I've struggled with this year, I do think I'm happier, and in 2015 I've surrounded myself with better people which has also helped me feel better about my life in general.


I think overall I did pretty well this year, 2014 was a very tough year for me and at times I doubted I would get through it for various reasons, some of which only a very small few know about. Life can through some shitty things at you, but 2015 did get better even if at times it didn't feel like it. 2015 ended up being a pretty decent year and I've come to realise who are my real friends and who I actually want to spend my time with. I'm positive that 2016 will be even better and I plan on sharing a hell of a lot more with you I'm afraid! Get ready!

I'll be writing my 2016 New Years Resolutions just after Christmas so look out for that post coming very soon!

- Bambi -

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