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Following on from one of my recent posts (Reflecting on 2015), and seeing as it's New Years Eve today I think it's the right time to write what my resolutions for 2016 shall be! I'll be honest, I've been really looking forward to this year, 16 is my lucky number, well 6 in general, so the fact it's 2016 and I'll also be turning 26, I just feel like it's going to be a positive year for me.

 I'm going to just get straight into it so lets begin;

1. Go somewhere and/or do something new at least once a month

This is one I can happily say I completed this year, and it really made a big difference to my year. I never expected it to create such a change in me, but I started to look forward to exploring something/somewhere new every month and it definitely had a positive effect on my anxiety as some of the things pushed me way outside my comfortable zone. I'm looking forward to seeing what adventures are out there for me next year.

2. Get more tattoos

I only got one new tattoo this year, so I definitely want to add a load of new tattoos to add to my small collection next year. I already have a few ideas so all I need to do is find the artist and get it done! I'm trawling through Pinterest/Instagram etc for inspiration for my right ribs as I need to fill that side out, so if you have any ideas drop them my way!

3. Work on getting my diet and fitness back to a level I'm happier with

I'm not going to put a resolution like 'lose weight' etc, as I want my resolutions to be more of a positive experience, so whether it's just doing a little more exercise or cleaning up my diet more as long as I'm happy I don't mind what the finished outcome will be. 

4. Go to more gigs

When I was a teenager I went to a lot of gigs, when I was with my ex I still went to a far few (granted most of them were because of the fact his band was playing though) however since we split I've pretty much gone to zero. Considering I love music this is just not acceptable! I decided to make this a year of getting back to doing something I love and I love going to gigs, I've already booked 2 gigs (Busted and G-Eazy) along with plans to go and see Highly Suspect in January so I reckon I've already made a good start for this one!

5. Take up a new hobby

This is my last resolution, I just feel like a need a new hobby to occupy myself with, as much as I enjoy binge watching TV and playing games on my PS4, I feel like I need something new to stimulate my brain. Besides the blogging, creative drawing/colouring etc, I want to start something new, maybe pick up my sewing machine and make stuff or start cross-stitching again (I haven't done any since I was like 11). I mainly mean 'new' by something I'm not currently doing or haven't done in a while, as I've had many hobbies over the years I want to be able to pick anything that grabs my attention without giving myself the limitation of it being something I've never done before.

That's all folks! Whatever your resolution may be, try to make it a positive one. Don't think about all the negative things about yourself and how you want them to change instead make positive resolutions that are for you. We only have one life, don't start the year off on a negative attitude of wanting to completely reinvent yourself, be happy and live life to the fullest. I really hope that 2016 is a positive year for all of us, find the good things in life everyday, no matter how small, focus on them and hopefully your 2016 will be great.

I'd love to hear what your resolutions are so let me know!

- Bambi -

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